Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 5 – Medical Marijuana Miracle

Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 5 – Medical Marijuana Miracle

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In this episode of Growing Exposed, our garden tour guide Justin Cooper takes us into a federally licensed facility, strictly for medical patients, and we hear an inspiring story from a medical patient himself. Justin has over 25 years experience in the hydroponics industry and knows his stuff when it comes to what makes a good grow operation.

This facility produces top-notch, 100% organic medicine and has extremely tight security measures in place: strict tabs are taken on who enters and exits grow rooms. In order to enter these rooms, visitors and staff are quarantined and must wear the proper gear to prevent contamination: booties, hairnets, room-specific lab coats and latex gloves. Fob-controlled steel doors also ensure only authorized personnel have access to grow rooms at any given time.

According to professional growers, such as the Garden Sage David Robinson, it’s worth it to garden organically: “Today, more than ever, it’s worth it to garden organically and provide the healthiest plant material we possibly can.”
Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 5 - Medical Marijuana Miracle

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  1. These "experts" are absolutely TERRIBLE! SO much of the info is rudimentary at best…if not flat out incorrect…MY WORD!

  2. Thank you my guy for breaking down the science of full spectrum lighting 💯☀️🌱🌲👍🏾

  3. A lot of outdated info on LEDs. We switched from the old garbage tech and went to quantum boards, which have doubled the yield from our HPS. So please get up to date on the technology.

  4. The bluberry smells like blueberries…..and the snozzberry tastes like snozzberries!

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  6. God bless this plant the side effects from pharmaceutical products are worse than then the problem and then leads to more problems in the future not including the pain meds that have destroy so many communities with the opioid epidemic. Funny how cannabis is e-legal and alcohol/opioids are legal with highest death and car accidents linked to them but they're ok to give to the public in alarming rates.

  7. Bad info on leds, they are absolutely better and more efficient than hid & hps. The technology is 100% there now, averages better gpw than hid & hps. The High end leds have longer life's, better spectrum, programmable dimmers to mimick outdoor sunrise and sunset, the intensity of the leds have come leaps and bounds with these new drivers.

  8. at last, someone actually using full spectrum in flower. just red is no good, need some blue for the UVB

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