March 5th 2019 Cannabis Grow Under LED Grow Lights Updates

March 5th 2019 Cannabis Grow Under LED Grow Lights Updates – Get your master growers certification, free marijuana seeds AND qualify for the aardvarks giveaways which include grow lights, tents, smoking supplies AND seeds.

I have great news! My new veg tent should be here today or tomorrow depending on what the weather. I have also started working on my next giveaway as well. Something tells me that a grow tent or something very similar will be given away in the next seed bank reviews promotional giveaway wink wink.

My 9lb hammer and super silver sour diesel haze is growing like freakin weeds lol. They are about to get to stretch their legs in nice big 5 gallon square fabric pots.

Sending positive growers karma out to all my fellow youtube marijuana growers and smokers out there. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and HIT THE BELL so you won’t miss out on the giveaway.

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If there is a strain that you want me to grow or do a smoke review on feel free and contact me anytime here or on my website

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March 5th 2019 Cannabis Grow Under LED Grow Lights Updates