In this video, I show you week 1 growing autoflower cannabis indoors. I also show the germination process. The strain i’m growing is Caramelicious by MSNL Genetics. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button 🙂

This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate.

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  1. NEW GROW SERIES! I planted 1 autoflower seed and will document the entire grow process. The strain i'm growing this round is Caramelicious by MSNL Genetics. This is one of my favorite strains to grow. What strain autoflowers are you currently growing?

    Equipment I use- http://amzn.to/2pANVnZ

  2. Hello Mr.Grow. When it comes to my personal and solitaire attempts to cultivate cannabis I am a "Greenhorn" but I've been very observant and inquisitive. Taking some n leaving most.
    I grew an orange crush outdoor in So. Oregon from clone…beginners luck??? Likely cuz it was too easy. Attempt to grow indoors with a home dyi tent, 1 Luma 2.0 (Sunleaves). I will send in photos.

  3. question how do you like the new a/c infinity exhaust fan digital temp controller? I have the last model it doesn't tell you the humidity which is a bummer and also when temp is set and reached fan will kick on at set speed and continue running no matter what the temp is so my question is for you is their new model any smarter does it pick and adjust airspeed to achieve set temp or is it rather generic like the first model ? I contacted a/c infinity because literally days after receiving my 6in fan and controller they released this new controller… A/c Infinity was not very helpful when contacted and couldn't answer my question's all they really wanted to do is tell me 60 dollars I can buy the new model which I don't even know if it's going to do the job or not

  4. great vid like to get in on a fresh grow , i alway like to put fresh seeds in the paper towel method like you did but i put the bag ontop of my router cos its warm that always works to char.

  5. Nice video brother just one question why would you bottom feed the plant instead of top feed I'm such a total newbie and I was just curious is there some added benefits to it

  6. Is there anything better than a new grow series from Mr Grow It! Don’t think so. Awesome video my friend. Keep it up 👊🏻✌🏻

  7. hi! i have a new grow of autos about the same age as this one… tips will be in my upcoming journal.. i grow them a bit different than many but then as we all know their are many ways to grow… look forward to watching your girls grow

  8. Well the one's I got going right now are super fast! They came out of the soil on 2/14/19 and I have popcorn buzz already! Tried to top but was late on one of them. You check out my vids and see. It is Revolver Auto fem seeds I have two in same pot. Much love and respect man! 👍✌😎

  9. A biggest tip for an autoflower is not to feed flowering nutes until the preflower stretch finishes, otherwise the stretch will stop and you won't make the most of the plant, however you will get a shorter cycle. You can commonly find claims on packaging by producers that an autoflower's cycle is 7-8 weeks which is only the case when you feed them flower nutrients right when preflower starts, otherwise the cycle will be around the usual 10-12 weeks.

    Since in reality the cycle is longer than is often claimed by producers, it is reasonably safe to top the plant during the veg state, although one still needs to be careful that the plant does not get stressed for more than a couple days and does not go into flowering stunted or stressed.

    There is an opinion that that autoflowers smell very strongly due to Ruderalis genes, supposedly, I did not find it to be the case, in a friend's house where he is growing an autoflower it smelled a bit of lemon during the veg, and suddenly during the flower the plant stopped smelling altogether unless you actually stuff your face into it, no filter has been necessary. I guess that still depends on the strain though.

    It also seems like during flowering it does not really need more than 14 hours of light, the plant simply starts to droop after about 12 hours mark closing stomata, I guess that is the non-Ruderalis genes kicking in with their short day preference, however some state that increasing the light day up to 18 hours during flower does increase yield. The jury is still out by how much though and if it is worth the extra watt spent. I personally think that the regular 12/12 light cycle while in flower can be fairly suitable for autoflower too.

  10. My autoflower has kind of a fungus in the stalk, how can I make the plant healthy again?

  11. Yo brotha great video and content as always🤘🤘. Question. How are seeds affected, if at all, if soaked for longer than 24 hrs?

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