Marijuana in America – Colorado Pot Rush – CNBC Documentary

Marijuana in America – Colorado Pot Rush – CNBC Documentary.

Colorado made history as the first state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational use. NBC News correspondent Harry Smith tells the story behind this stunning development, which has been called one of the great social experiments of the next century.

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Marijuana in America - Colorado Pot Rush - CNBC Documentary

20 thoughts on “Marijuana in America – Colorado Pot Rush – CNBC Documentary”

  1. Heard a man say as a kid the best farmers in the world are in prison.I dare to say he was correct.Look at what cannabis growers have done with this single plant compared to industrial farming and what is has done to the crops we rely on.Cannabis is the strongest case to return to breeding instead of dna alteration.Only plant we know that can restore contaminated soil yeah we could plant a resistant hemp on any metal contaminated soil and remove it and burn it off and actual reclaim it is we so see fit.

  2. It is not the job or duty of the police to keep you safe. Just ask the supreme court of the land. It is the role and duty of the police to uphold the constitution and enforce the laws.

  3. I love how the "traditional" states who dont wanna legalize weed, has claimed that weed will make you aggresive and wanna do crimes and shit, when in this whole documentary they just show a bunch of people smoking weed and just chillin doing no crimes at all.

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  5. 33:55 I think he has never passed a physics exam 😀
    I am studying physical engineering in college and smoke regularly, but sure you need some self dicipline.

  6. About 30 years ago Israel began researching Marijuana, no one else gave a shit. That is why we know what THC is.

    Marijuana is not a toxic drug, like Heroin, Nicotine, and Alcohol and should not have been listed as one.

    Lobbyists, big business, and politics killed Marijuana.

    We know what kills people, alcohol, nicotine, drones, and radical Islamic Terrorists.

    To find the bad guys you just follow the money.

    Everything else is just window dressing, it is always about the money.

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  9. What the fuck does the dumb fucking cop think. What does he mean there isn't a lot of information about this drug. Are you fucking retarded. I think this shit is trying to be anti weed propaganda

  10. "wheres cheech, wheres chong, by now even they have moved on" does this interviewer/documentary know anything about Tommy Chongs personal life and his contribution to the cannabis market, and its overall image ? lol…hes VERY involved has been a pro-marijuana user all his life pretty much.

  11. ok I understand that, I am not talking about everybody but the majority are coming here and doing stupid things and stealing or committing a crime to obtain money for their addiction to marihuana. The news is saying it that the crime in Denver already increased 22% more

  12. I'm all for legalizing but against the people that make it sound it's not harmful at all. It does have it's side effects, and hey if people want to get dumber, that's their choice, but please stop making it sound like this is just drinking purified water.

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