13 thoughts on “Marijuana Laws in Canada: What Do They Mean?”

  1. That stuff I already know, How about the time I was at the hospital and I was vaping my medicating outside and the security guard tells me to get off hospital grounds. Having chronic back and neck pain plus anxiety. What do you do in that situation?

  2. Indica is too relaxing for me sometimes. It is usually what the black market grows and sells because the plant produces more product than sativa.

    If mj were legalized, I WOULD HAVE A CHOICE.

    I would like to use sativa sometimes, because I love to smoke and then go for a walk – often 8-10 miles.

  3. You have to have a medical marijuana card assigned to you prior to April 2015 to be able to grow. The law after that requires all medical pot be purchased from Licensed Producers approved by the feds and are not permitted to grow there own.
    They want the tax money. Remember to grow you need a license from the old MMAR not after

  4. so if im in my house , backyard or front balcony I cant smoke that good even if I dont have a medical doccuments?? daamn

  5. to help you imagine how hard it is to pass a law. Imagine youre in a room of 1000 people. You want an apple. But you have to convince everyone in the room that you deserve to eat that apple. Even if its painfully obvious that you should have the apple, it takes a LONG TIME to make sure that nobody will be negatively affected by it.

    Bit of a stretch… But you get it. Point is, weed is coming, just not very soon.

  6. I have a pituitary gland brain tumor and I need a hip replacement I'm in constant pain from head to foot and the medications that I'm getting from the doctors are oxy and perks I'm getting sick and tired of people trying to break into my apartment just for my pills I'm getting a little sick and tired that I got to go out and replaced and I'm on a disability and it's costing me a fortune from the government it's either you give me the part or your give me the Arts in the parks for free like it used to be because I'm on a disability and you're making it hard for me to live I could rarely paid for my phone I can barely pay my rent because it's too God damn high and it's insane and how the government is handling the rent now a days and it's unfair and how we're being handled and treated no matter what you say I don't care I will go out and I'll grow it and I'll buy it off the street because the stuff do you have there in the stores are not good quality stuff it's garbage nobody knows how to grow pot pot is growing with a male plant and then take it away from the female to bring the THC you need the THC for the pain you guys seem to think you know about pot you don't you probably don't smoke it you probably should because it might relax you you're going through too much stress every single day it might help you there's an awful lot of benefits in smoking it a cures cancer I have a brain tumor it cures glaucoma it cures people who have epilepsy it cures people who have other kinds of strange diseases like HIV and so forth you don't seem to understand the importance of this kind of drug I smoke one unable to get up and walk I take one of those Oxys and perks a moment limited for one day but certainly I'm going to need least 10 joints for a day which is going to help me until non addictive drug it cannot kill you it cannot overdose on it you only go to sleep and what does the reason come out of it the largest pillow fight in the world that's all you're going to get from it no violence everybody is happy and easy to get along with you don't understand you thinking it's a criminal act that's all you're living by the act of Canada and I think it should be abolished why do I say that because you're grabbing money off the poor you're making us even poorer just to clear our names because we're so ill it isn't funny and now part is becoming legal leave us alone stick your God damn lies up your ass because we're not going to listen to you we are not going to honor them we are not going to respect them we are not going to want to get ourselves into trouble we know that but the situation is you guys are just learning to make money off us and if we get this far we're all going to crowd up on you and we're all going to come after you and that's the way it is man I don't give a s*** what you say I don't give a purpose of what you think because you're thinking incorrectly and your bottom line is we don't care no more you got millions of people come after you just because of what you're talking about it don't make sense it don't make the situation any better and surely it doesn't make what you think any better you could take your logs and shove it up your rear end. because that's what your laws belong is up your rear end we fought to get our right and now you want to start taking it away from us you SOB just remember there is many more of us that are going to come after you for all right Spock and it's going to be a large amount of people that you cannot handle you get it Toronto will team up on you and then what are you going to do when you got a half a million people that you're begging side asking you to leave your office completely vote you out get it and it can happen

  7. no healthcare practice Sherwood give it to me right now I'm sitting here with about a king size football of a headache leave in the light is bothering my eyes and the only way this is going to help me just smoke a joint I can't take it no more it's driving me crazy plus I quit my medication because I have been falsely accused and falsely convicted on other charges it don't matter I don't care you know I like my body is riddling in pain from my I got no cartilage in my hip taking those drugs all the time is agonizing to me it makes it even worse after I come off it I smoked a joint now I don't but it's only for a short little while because I'm found anything that's powerful enough to compare to the medication yet but I do smoke marijuana for the pain what's a good Stone enough I don't have to worry about the pain next morning I'm not burning because of the medication makes me burn and then the stuff from my brain tumor was experimental my head right now feels like a king size football my eyes are bulging into my head my ears are ringing because of all my whole body was in pain and then the police jumping on my back for cracked ribs my back is sore from the shield two broken ankles one on the left foot I'm reeling in agony man and you're sitting there talking about laws look who really needs it and who is begging for it she's taking pills on my light all the time isn't going to cure the problem in a way but it's going to make it worse because I'm going to become addicted at least weed is that non addictive drug no way you can always come off at a easy but all these other drugs are on you come off it my God she want to rip the wall apart because coming off that you have a bad reaction to it you don't have a choice man weed you don't have a bad reaction you don't have a hangover the next day like alcohol and you feel sick you vomiting I don't want that that's what he used to do it all the old Westin Gunsmoke era you know but man you gotta understand what people are really going through through a pain to describe it to you geez let me get your baseball back to your best friend and let him make do Major League hits on you then you would really understand and what pain is all about when you have a few broken ribs I'm not that your friend is I don't feel good man I'm not threatening nobody I'm trying not to and I hope you didn't take it critically but this is how I'm living day by day I can't work no more I can barely stand up I can barely make it to the washroom I'm like a 95 year old man I'm 53 years old I'm fighting it from head to foot man how would you like to get hit by car like I did left in the corner of the street for about 1821 cars live past me and left me sitting there this is what happened to me man in the year sitting here crying about your loss who can have and who not my doctors won't give me the proper documents they think all you're okay you'll be fine we'll give you a little aspirin and now you go home and sleep it off right that's not how it works I'm in agony total pain real extreme pain sometimes I'm a bad people where can I get heroin I'm in so much pain man but I won't take the drug because I know if I take it I'm going to be in problems because I can't get off it I don't want to do that to myself I'm not looking for that kind of an answer I am looking for an answer just for a little time because it is a non addictive drug and then needed because to get around or do my house cleaning or something like that I don't want to be walked out of my medication I'm laying down my house is dirty the police break into my party see all this is an unlivable place and you wonder why half of us go to jail for Unnecessary reasons on how to get help in the proper perspective way even I'm Stein smoke marijuana what do you think he got his relativity of mass

  8. you yourself can't control a person and how much she needs of marijuana there's no hope there's no hope when were in pain such as me that I took the worst hit in my life and I going to smoke enough more than what you can give me isn't going to help even growing a couple plants isn't going to help because you have to smoke a quantity of it to get there to kill the pain this what you people don't understand you think two or three joints is equivalent enough to help get the paint off it isn't that's like taking an aspirin there you know one aspirin isn't going to help you you need to take a couple of more and only last for so long then you got to take a couple of more then you feel drowsy then drink a cup of coffee or two then you got to have a couple of more and a couple of more and a couple of more than you got it won't buy stronger and stronger and stronger same thing exactly what you're telling me but with marijuana it's not addictive and you don't and if you smoke too much of it you don't OD from it you just go to sleep you wake up the next morning you're refreshed and feeling good you're not angry at nobody you feeling just like a brand new human being Acure zanger it cure stress it cures your bility to go kill somebody no it does it does believe you me it does I smoke it I could tell you what it does it is no harm at all while the doctors to say that if you smoke too much of it you become impotent I'm already and put them because I have a brain tumor but I'm in a heck of a lot of pain you don't understand what kind of pain I'm going through my brain tumor is hitting me right now my eyes want to bulge out of my head the pressure is so great upstairs it's like somebody pushing your body and it's just squeezing the juices up to your brain that's how it feels I don't know if you're going to live or die because you can't take the pain how many doctors are going to give you stuff for your brain far few and fortunate what do you think this stuff kicks in probably after surgery it might be good because giving everybody hair morphine and all that other stuff you know but if they need morphine give it to them for a freeze couple of days later Mark smoked a couple of joints and I get it maybe even an ounce or two if they needed depending on how much pain they are but for me I'm going to need at least three to four ounces because of my head you got maybe sometimes you're lucky and find the good stuff then you don't have to worry about the stuff you guys are growing some of the stuff you get on the street it's so cold you smoke one bone marrow out like a light that's what you need next following day you got no hardly any pain sometimes you take even a half of Bud of it and roll it and just a little Tobacco on little bit of paper you know we're smoking and you feel funny you got no arguments with nobody who cares I don't care if you're broke my window

  9. and as much as I can tell you if somebody turned around and did this for me to get me some documents get me some help it would be alright but in three months I hear it's going to be okay to get it Canada Day that I would like to see and I don't have to go running to the doctor to get a document do I it should be legal like you said he didn't say it was going to be new laws or anything to it that's not what he said he said he wanted to make it legal I understand its restrictions because you guys look at how to make money off us that's what I mean gray about you'll never leave the legal system alone there's too many people going to jail for nothing and your Wrecking people's lives just to make a buck and that's not fair to us but I'm telling you people who really need it at high quantities and we'll find it doesn't matter will do it cuz we're in pain and we don't care what the government says if we got to get out of pain and do it the right perspective way it also might just cure my brain tumor to pop those kill cancer Coca-Cola it helps people on HIV it helps people who are in serious pain very very serious pain like me those shouldn't be attacked at all and I have documents here to prove that I have cancer in the brain I had need a hip replacement do I want to follow the operation to take your eyes out they bore a hole through your eyes the cut the roof your nose open they can go through there too or then go through your roof of your mouth it depends on the size of this thing lifted up go inside your territory you'll never have sex for the rest of your life you'll probably come up blind mental retarded or probably be worse that on the table or probably don't respond at all you're just eyes move is that worth the pain in the effort just to make a buck and thinking you could do something for somebody know I took an experimental drug narrow Pollock and I put it on the drugstore shelves it works but it's very very very slow because you can't give me the once-a-month pill because I'm going to pay for it so you make me suffer this is how the government works and you're worrying about making a buck off of me because I'm in pain and you want to send me to jail to die are you worth the effort of what I'm talking about or even what I'm hearing about from you you want to send me to jail because I'm in pain and I was hit by a car left on the side of the street to die I should have just done it right there

  10. I know what thing that is true and that is the prescription medication is more dangerous than pot will ever be.Also most prescriptions from doctors are very dangerous and can kill a person.Don't you think! Doctors need to be educated more about what they are prescribing to there patients.

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