Marijuana: Smoking Vs Edibles

Marijuana: Smoking Vs Edibles
Marijuana is consumed in many ways this affects the chemical composition of marijuana, resulting in a different ‘high’ depending on the way it is taken. In this video we look at the difference between smoking and taking edibles and how this changes the high and the chemical composition of the drug.

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Marijuana: Smoking Vs Edibles

3 thoughts on “Marijuana: Smoking Vs Edibles”

  1. The way you described a joint is off. And if you're smoking it with tobacco, then it's called a spliff. Just want you to get your facts straight

  2. I remember my first attempt at making space cakes.

    Used far too much hash.

    It comes in what I describe as "waves" and after about the third wave I was done.

    The cake wasn't though.

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