Marijuana Strain Review: Lemon OG

Marijuana Strain Review: Lemon OG
Another excellent marijuana strain from Top Shelf in Washington State, We picked this up from Belmar in Bellevue.

We can only guess at the lineage of this marijuana strain, and if anyone from Top Shelf or elsewhere can enlighten us and our viewers, please let us know in the comments below the video.

The flowers looked very nice had when crumbled had a distinct tart citrus aroma.

I didn’t notice anything particular on the dry toke but our friend Bobby Bolivia had a different take or should we say toke..(bad, we know but couldn’t resist).

Once lit the marijuana in the spliff really opened up and there was a strong, lemon zest taste to the burning flower.

The effect was a quick onset, relaxing sensation and got more intense as we smoked the joint. The marijuana strain Lemon OG from Top Shelf was consistent with their other offerings we’ve sampled: Top Shelf!

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Marijuana Strain Review: Lemon OG