Marijuana vending machine : a first in Canada – the fifth estate

Marijuana vending machine : a first in Canada - the fifth estate
At the B.C. Pain Society, owner Chuck Varabioff has something none of his competitors have: Canada’s first marijuana vending machine.

For more watch Pot Fiction, Friday January 30th at 9 PM on the fifth estate on CBC Television.

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Marijuana vending machine : a first in Canada – the fifth estate

18 thoughts on “Marijuana vending machine : a first in Canada – the fifth estate”

  1. I don't remember handing over my rights, to prescribe my own herbs or drugs, to a stranger in a white coat. Why would I do such a foolhardy thing? Show me the instrument of transfer, with my signature.
    "…We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

  2. Damn dude its 20 a g on the streets of South Carolina i gotta move there My brain cant comprehend that 4 dollers a g damn thats crazy

  3. My comments and their replies are being selectively deleted, possibly this one too. Some comments only I can see. So I'm leaving YouTube, it just isn't me. I'll leave you poor sods to gobble up all the lies without me. Bon appetit!

  4. will be weed totally legalized in the entire country in 2017 ? is it really true ? prime minister likes and aprove this LOL
    Canada is the best country in the world, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, jobs and economy growing, safety country, you can see the taxes you pay returning as a benefits for you, healthy system, education…
    I will immigrate to Ontario province soon

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