Matthew yeshuva snoopdog Kingdom of marijuana; seeds & stems Ministries-

Matthew yeshuva snoopdog Kingdom of marijuana; seeds & stems Ministries-
You can’t be a Ministry with a one-track mind about weed. Jesus will not be mocked or be a footnote in any Ministry. You can’t serve two masters. Please do not be deceived in these end days.

Matthew yeshuva snoopdog Kingdom of marijuana; seeds & stems Ministries-

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  1. I have to say this because he is speaking of God and Jesus. The Israelites back in the OT days became over zealous with not mentioning the name of God because they didn't want to use it in vain, so they referred to Him as Elohim which means God. Yeshua is the Hebraic name for Jesus. So Matthew is only addressing Him with His original birth name. Take a look at Joshua in the OT, he was the name who the Branch would be named after.
    Also Heb 4:8 KJV says if Jesus had given them rest but the proper interpretation should be Joshua (English name but Hebraic is Yeshua). So you can see that Joshua in the OT was translated as Jesus in the NT because it was derived from the Greek Septuagint.
    Like i say, don't idolise a version of the Bible because they claim it's authorised and take every word as legit. The Bible was translated into English before Mr James.

  2. He uses those other names because he is a student of the Kabbalah. Go watch the video I did on numerology and the female Holy Spirit blasphemy.

  3. Kathy… they are all Esmeralda from 5wisevirgins.. Now Cathy Hamiltons
    channel has all been shut down due to Esmeralda who is Abba father and
    Revelation of truth not lies… Im concerned for Cathys welfare.. I dont
    live in the USA i cant go see if she is ok… Please the swearing is
    from Esmeralda she is wicked to the core.. Im concerned for Cathy H…
    She got the whole channel shut down.. She has another Channel back up
    and is not responding at all…..This is vexing me… If something
    happened to Cathy H ..Her blood will be on Esmeraldas hands……

  4. Kathy keep after him. Maybe you might get one of his followers to leave his ministry and get truly saverd.. God bless.

  5. People can buy sub bots, which is against YouTube guidelines. Last year and 2015, a lot of guys got busted for doing this. Also, the reason he doesn't like to mention the name of Jesus Christ, that dude must have an anti-Christ spirit. So sad.

  6. His new subscribers probably don't even know that they are subscribe to him because they where bought and pay for lol they sure picked the one out to fit his Chanel ?

  7. Sorry Kathy I gotta unsub. Between Abba Father channel on here swearing like a drunk sailor attacking everyone and now this Sandi L saying everyone is this Esmeralda with her 100 channels. This ain't right.

  8. As a general rule, stay away from any channel that has paypal or a website that links to paypal, etc. None of them show where the money is going, it could be going anywhere.

    Everything on youtube is free, no money is needed to preach the gospel.

  9. hey sister be careful with a channel called sand l, revelation truth and not lies are fake channels from ALLISON thomas she is harassing the watchman on the wall because she was exposed as a false prophet…Cathy Hamilton who is really joyce pool is doing the same…these demons are falsely flagging the channels of watchman causing community strikes….I received one due to cathy hamilton aka joyce pool, ALLISON thomas and other trolls as well…please be careful and God bless

  10. notice how he tries to look like the photo of catholic jesus,,???,image ,imagination ,rabble talk, false prophet ,no teaching of the word of JESUS CHRIST, sing sing a song,, cheech without the chong, token entertainment ,getting everyone's money for his next fix,,,, his view doesnt add up to his subscribers?, totally false ministry,, 60s man,,need i say more, i could go on,,,,,,but i wont ,,,, you, have a great day , kathy Humble Servant to the Lord,GBY

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