Medical Cannabis (Drug) – A Doctor’s Case For Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis (Drug) - A Doctor's Case For Medical Marijuana
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Medical Cannabis (Drug) – A Doctor’s Case For Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis (Drug) – california is considered the biggest medical cannabis state and with the passing of california proposition 215 or the compassionate use act in 1996 california was the first state to legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes.
a major concern for users of medical cannabis is the drug tests required by employers which subject users to workplace discrimination if they tested positive.
as medical cannabis use increasingly becomes legal around the united states it’s only natural that patients using cannabis for medical purposes look for legal protection when it comes to their jobs and careers.

doctors given green light to prescribe medicinal cannabis in uk | itv news.

ravi chandiramani from blue door therapeutics shows us how they are using medical cannabis to treat patients.

medical cannabis used to treat opioid addicts.

charlotte’s web medical cannabis soon to be widely available to colorado children.
growing marijuana: inside medical cannabis grow house.

states have laws that specifically grant employees protection against workplace discrimination due to medical cannabis use…
on april 25 the california assembly labor and employment committee approved ab 2069 which is considered a breakthrough for medical cannabis patients not only in california but all over the united states.
furthermore the bill mentions that “no scientific evidence exists that medical cannabis users are substandard employees.

the california supreme court said his termination is legal and ruled against the right for employees to use medical cannabis.

the supreme court held that employers are not obligated to accommodate to an employee’s medicinal cannabis use and noted that it remains illegal according to federal law even if prescribed by a medical professional.
doctors will be able to legally prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients in the uk the home office has said…

Medical Cannabis (Drug) – A Doctor’s Case For Medical Marijuana