Medical Marijuana Grow WEEK 4 Super Lemon Haze-BuBBA KUSH-Sensi Star-White Widow

Medical Marijuana Grow WEEK 4 Super Lemon Haze-BuBBA KUSH-Sensi Star-White Widow
this is almost all SLH..about 7 more weeks for most of this garden ; ( the sensi star and the bubba kush will be done around 60 days totall…but the haze and the widow will take at least 6 more weeks…ill never fill my garden with 11 week herb again but ill always keep a couple of these SLH…IM GETTING ABOUT 8 to 10 oz per plant so yah thank you BUD CANDY!!

Medical Marijuana Grow WEEK 4 Super Lemon Haze-BuBBA KUSH-Sensi Star-White Widow

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  1. Nice buds!… I need a better camera. Don't you hate when you ask questions and they never respond. I do. I've just started my grow Journal on my 4k DWC recirculating garden. Check it out. i'd like some feed back or any questions would be cool too! Thanks!

  2. wow nice dude, whats your tips if any? how long did you veg for how long in flower? what did you feed those girls and which was your fav when cured? share your skills so that others can aspire go grow like that. 🙂

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  8. Don't beleive that's 4 weeks say what you want but that's my opinion they look like bids at week 6 lmao didn't fool me

  9. You should get a hand held stick to attach up with your camera, it will give greater stability and make the video's less shaky unless you are actually doing it on purpose?

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