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medical marijuana grow  /
I make this grow room by a medical marijuana user, to grow his own medical marijuana.
To show you how easy it is to make your own a medical marijuana grow room I post this video.
There are a lot of different grow systems, but this is my way to growing.
Into this grow video you can see how to grow medical marijuana with ANA-B nutrition’s and seeds.
Information about seeds and Nutrition’s you will find on

medical marijuana grow /

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  1. Interested in Natural Quality Medical Marijuana strains,Marijuana seeds,and LSD acid hit blotters and raw liquids
    indica or sativa" strains,both organic & hydro like ,Blueberry Yum Yum,Sour Diesel,Ballsack,Killa Crip Kush,Purple haze,Girl Scout Cookies,og kush,Ultimate’91 ChemDawg,Grape Ape,etc

    Call or send text to (505) 399-3739 or Email:

  2. Does ANA-B still sell the same mapito as in this vid?
    I been sending people to ANA-B for mapito.
    Then saw an image of a bag and it looked like RFX-1.
    ANA-B don't carry that garbage right? I won't recommend RFX-1.

  3. O.o Veg for 2 weeks then flower ….. im confused i keep seeing ppl say 4 or higher =0 also in the vid they vegged with a hps light others say metal halide …..

  4. 06:18 he tell after 3 Weeks he put in flower but there are no Seedlings ! These are Cuttings! thats not nice from you Limbo!

  5. what….what is that in the green bottle he never show the name its ph bloom but what's the name and were can I get it

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