Medical Marijuana indoor grow week 5 (Update)

Medical Marijuana indoor grow week 5 (Update)
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Medical Marijuana indoor grow week 5 (Update)

20 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana indoor grow week 5 (Update)”

  1. i love all your videos dude, and all your girls are flawless.. but i got a quick question when going bout topping/FIM when should i do it, cuz im currently growing my own personal strain indica just found out shes a FEMALE 😀 and shes bout 2 months old going on her 3 month from seed, also been giving her sea grow 16-16-16 also the soil i have is Fox farm ocean.

  2. WTF happened after week five? By the way, what your doing is a good thing man. I just turned my brother on to your videos, and your right, it's a beautiful thing raising healthy happy plants. Please keep doing what your doing, a lot of us really appreciate it.

  3. 400 watts intake, 1600 watts output. 25600 total lumens. They work very well for an economical grow.

  4. And what makes you so insightful? I'm not sure how to can be so positive in your knowledge of people's intentions.

  5. ah no way!! I have seen what that does. I am a Great Northwest woman and over 30 years of donin it

  6. My husband is a paraplegic of 20 years+ and have not depended on the man made drugs of Oxy,nor hydrocodone or any of those!!!! Let it be green. Myself, I have been diagnosed with arthitis in my spine for the past 20 years and today I can do flips, splits and cartwheels at the age of 57 and think that if I continue to do what I do , will still be OUTFLIPPING YA'LL

  7. Damn….. see i got 5 light. 4 small ones like you got an a Big over head Light… DO i need to get More????

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