CNN documentary on Charlotte's Web, medical marijuana treating seizure disorders

CNN documentary on Charlotte's Web, medical marijuana treating seizure disorders

A short version of the CNN documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, called Weed. This short version focuses on the incredible difference that a particular strand of medical cannabis that is low in THC and high in CBD is making when given in an oil based form to children with seizure disorders. The strand is called Charlotte’s Web, after the young child, Charlotte Figi, who’s life was saved by this cannabidiol oil.
CNN documentary on Charlotte's Web, medical marijuana treating seizure disorders

18 thoughts on “CNN documentary on Charlotte's Web, medical marijuana treating seizure disorders

  1. Sorry but you need other molecules in the pant for cbd to work…If they keep on making the plant sick just to get thc out the will kill the pant!

  2. Thanks to Charolette and her brave parents hundreds of thousands benefit from Charlotte’s Webb for pain, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, depression and so much more. And without all the nasty side effects and interactions of toxic and often ineffective chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

  3. Just found out the FDA banned CBD infused products. If that doesn't make you sick to your stomach and wonder who controls the FDA your nuts.

  4. “ Scientist “ more like a bunch of paid cunts ! Scientist fuck off! You wanna know how weed works hire pot heads, not some prick with a piece of stamped paper you blew 60k on!

  5. Question. Whatever happened to Charlotte? Did her condition get any better with the use of medical weed? How is she doing today?

  6. Doctors give zero fucks! That guy sitting behind that desk has a smile on his face an the middle finger under his desk. He wants your money an doesn’t care, how he gets your money, even it’s “ ACTING “ like he cares.

  7. Why the hell is this still illegal.

    KIDS with EPILEPSY and the elderly and anyone with a true medical need should be able to buy it. AND IT SHOULD BE COVERED BY HEALTH CARE.

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte a couple of times in the last month. She is such a beautiful and magnetic girl.

  9. 5:52 Nice acting there Mr. Stanley you should be given an oscar not … no you sir along with your brother should be rotting in a hole in the ground somewhere for robbing vulnerable people (and parents of suffering kids that may find themselves in these horrendous and very unfortunate situations) blind … "charlotte's web" my bare ass , more like charlotte's HEMP .. that´s right good old HEMP .. grown in controlled conditions and allowed to flower without the interruption of pollenation will quite easily obtain a very high CBD content than it otherwise would in the field .. …. you´re both a discrace to humanity

  10. No body wanted it ,so whats he do charge her $800 for it ,wanker .I could not take money from her no way ,They make enough money from the high thc strains come on.I use Charlottes Angle from Dutch Passion,for Anxiety .early days but its better than the tablets they give me by far,Still can' t get it from a doctor in the uk ,so i have to pay high prices for it too ,but may be one day they may change there views on it .The problem we have in the uk ,is doctors have said for years and years how bad it is for you,then just made legal over night.They will not give it out,because of the reason.We need new doctors that think different about this plant,so we can all get it ,we are not doing this to get high ,the one i use is around 16 % cbd,and 0.5/1% thc so it does not get you high.The Stanley brothers have done a lot of work in cbd,But they are not the ones that started this it was been done by growers that never get a mention,Its those guys has well that need a mention,The cannatonic breeder

  11. My 6 year old takes this now from 4 seizures an hour to one every two weeks sometimes less this stuff is a miracle

  12. It’s sad as Human beings we are relying on Money Hungry Companies “Big Pharma” to heal us , help us , save us but yet we are just animals they are testing on us and killing us and our children daily ….when nature gives us all we need and they know it but how can you Patent Plants !!?? They can’t do it gets in there pockets , they don’t care there killing 100s and thousands of people all they see is $$$$$ , people along with CBD there is also another wonderful plant 🌱 out there called KRATOM, look it up but look threw the smoke and mirrors big pharmaceutical is trying to spin on it , God gives us everything we need here on earth , don’t trust pharmaceutical companies ever

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