Florida Gov. DeSantis to drop medical marijuana smoking ban

Florida Gov. DeSantis to drop medical marijuana smoking ban

Gov. DeSantis announced that he tasked the Legislature with changing the law to allow smoking medical marijuana. If it doesn’t by mid-March, he’ll drop the state’s appeal of a court decision that says banning it violates a constitutional amendment.
Video by Marta Oliver Craviotto/Miami Herald
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Florida Gov. DeSantis to drop medical marijuana smoking ban

17 thoughts on “Florida Gov. DeSantis to drop medical marijuana smoking ban

  1. Having jail time, big time, probation and the cost of that ties up the system..tax payers pay for all this..then someone has that on their record forever, looses their jobs/careers..it's excessive and way to much big brother/goverment.. tobacco kills waaaaaaaaay more!! Nothing criminal about that..in fact I hope Trump cracks down on tobacco company's harder

  2. More unwarranted smoke for non-smokers to have to be exposed to. Then we have the zombies that smoke the pot and their erratic behavior. I have smoked plenty of it and I know exactly what it does.

  3. LAW ABIDING Florida medical patients are treated as felons, stripped of their constitutional 2nd amendment rights! This is WRONG!

  4. Shout out Governor Desantis for legalization of medical marijuana, my grandpa will not have to suffer anymore from his bad back and painful foot 🙏🏽

  5. You worked very well in Washington, and I was ecstatic when you became my Governor, keep up the great work on Legalizing CANNABIS!!

  6. I’m so happy that Rick Scott is gone. He was the worst gov in the history of the state. He’s was only able to become a senator because he ran in a red state. He would never be able to become president. Jeb Bush proved during is 2016 presidential campaign that any republican can win in Florida.

  7. Good for him He needs to drop the appeal and not even give legislators a chance to take advantage of anymore suffering people. Its not their choice morally or ethically but they do have the "power" sheesh I hope he just drops the appeal that the idiot Rick Scott brought. Its going to take years to undo the idiotic things Rick Scott brought on this state. Scary knowing he is a Senator now

  8. I Guarantee they poison the supply. So when your tongue turns gold and it feels like it is being eaten by high corrosives just know that what you have been gassed with because you don't stand up to chemical terrorism by your government is most likely going to give you cancer.

  9. Yes!!!! Let's do this I need to get my card I'm sick of Zoloft, trazadone, buspiron, rexulti, and Strattera. I'm done with this shit it's not fucking working. I stopped smoking for six years just started smoking again recently and I feel way better than with the pills the only thing is my paranoia is bad because of the fucking law's here in Florida and I can't smoke inside because I live with my father and he has Alzheimer's and dementia. It's ridiculous how this state is so far in the past bunch of old people that's why SMH 🤦.

  10. Welcome to 2008, Florida. Kidding aside about how shitty Florida laws and politicians can be, this is great to hear.

  11. Thank you Governor Desantis. I voted for you and I think I made the right choice.
    May the government quickly get out of the way of God's miracle plant and its merciful properties.
    Though I will still never use it, I know weed can be a valuable tool for physicians treating symptoms of people like cancer patients, epilepsy patients, and patients with neurological disorders. I have seen the research and I have also recently seen it work wonders first hand.
    I believe God put the plant on this earth for us. Let us be good stewards of what was given to us.

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