Ohio Medical Marijuana Interview: Green Health Docs + Herbology Dispensaries

Ohio Medical Marijuana Interview: Green Health Docs + Herbology Dispensaries

Medical cannabis is now legal in Ohio and Green Health Docs is the leading provider of medical marijuana evaluations/certifications for patients in Ohio. Meet our very own patient advocate, Adam Gilbert (drummer for Columbus based rock band Starset) as he interviews Mahja Sulemanjee, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach for Herbology Dispensaries. Herbology will have 2 dispensaries opening in Ohio in the coming months!

Learn how to get your Ohio medical marijuana card: https://greenhealthdocs.com/how-to-get-medical-marijuana-card-ohio/

Visit our Columbus office: https://greenhealthdocs.com/location/columbus-ohio-marijuana-card-doctor/
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Ohio Medical Marijuana Interview: Green Health Docs + Herbology Dispensaries

8 thoughts on “Ohio Medical Marijuana Interview: Green Health Docs + Herbology Dispensaries

  1. I went to a medical MJ doctor, with medical referral, a qualifying medical condition and faxed medical records. I was treated rudely, as if I was an inappropriate med seeker. My HIPPA rights were violated by the window greeter discussing my medical details loudly, into a room of waiting people. As if I was a misbehaving 3 child, and said the records had not been sent and she could not have misplaced them. I have proof that the records were sent. I am 73, an RN, and have reasonable expectations of medical situations. I am the sick person and yet I have to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop……omg it is a nightmare. I just gave up.

  2. Businesses like hers literally make 75,000 a fkn pound. Don't believe me? Research it.

  3. Bad thing ive heard.
    Its $400+ to get a Doctor to submit a letter to the Pharmacy Board.
    Then $50 to register.
    Also $20 a gram.
    Highway robbery.
    Lookin like a lot of us are going to have to wait for them to pass recreational use.
    Then its my understanding that you only have to pay a $50 registration fee.
    N u can grow ur own or just buy it on the street for $5 a gram..

  4. I like what you are doing. What I’d like to maybe see you touch on is jobseekers. I’m retired military still very young, I’d like to think. I have my card, but am having trouble finding employment that is both meaningful and supportive of people seeking a more natural treatment. I’ve had many job offers, but upon further research I have found they are not required to follow the new law. This has put me in a position where I have to either give up my treatment or start a job under false pretenses. I am a person who would rather not lie and don’t feel so great about being judged on this. I fell like I have great leadership/managerial potential and am not afraid to work my way up, but do to misconception I am stuck in limbo.Thanks for what you are doin.

  5. this program here in ohio is a joke most patients will continue to get there medicine from the peeps they have always gotten it from there local grower!!!

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