“Medical marijuana” is a term universally misused by the Drug Policy Alliance and other proponents of marijuana legalization. Their legislation almost always contains a trap door allowing legalization of recreational marijuana, with the ability to “prescribe” it for anything a person complains about.

The truth is widely known but suppressed by proponents, which includes the tobacco lobby and groups of doctors and psychologists paid to “endorse” marijuana (remember the 1960’s when doctors endorsed cigarettes.

This lie is so well known that there is a scene in the movie “Bad Grandmas” with Pam Grier, Judge Reinhold, Florence Henderson in which one of the grandmothers lights up a joint and says “Its “medical marijuana” — its perfectly legal , my doctor diagnosed me with ‘anxiety’ (eye roll with smirk)”.

We must keep medicine safe. Recreational pot is not medicine. We must not turn states into monopoly drug cartels and doctors into neighborhood drug dealers.

Further information about this abuse is in our article “Report: The Costly Fraud of Marijuana Normalization” located at

We are invoking the fair use doctrine for this short clip for the purpose of commentary, criticism, and documentation of the knowingly fraudulent misuse of medical and scientific terminology in marijuana legalization statutes and ballot initiative.

“Bad Grandmas” demonstrates why “Medical Marijuana” is a fraudulent term