Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY [Documentary]

Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY [Documentary]
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As of this week, New York has became the 23rd state in the US to legalize medical marijuana. Though Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill Saturday, it will be at least another 18 months before medical marijuana becomes available in New York for patients, something parents of children in need of the treatment fear.

Missy Miller is an Atlantic Beach resident and mother of two children, Oliver and Katy. Her 14-year-old son, Oliver, suffered a stroke in utero and as a result has a brain stem injury that causes him to have hundreds of seizures a day. Because certain strains of marijuana have received international attention for curbing seizures in children, Missy has devoted her life to the cause of fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana in New York.

Elite Daily met with Missy earlier this year to discuss her frustrations with the current New York political system, and her fear of losing her son. We’ve continued our discussions with her throughout her fight, all the way up to the big decision in Albany on June 19, and the official signing ceremony in New York City earlier this afternoon.

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Producers: Tyler Gildin & Max Grunner
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Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY [Documentary]

12 thoughts on “Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY [Documentary]”

  1. Ugh medical marijuana is legal in my state but I don't know how to convince my parents I really think it would help me with my anxiety depression, stress ADHD and chronic migraines can anyone give me any input

  2. even tho the PSAS say that marijuana can kill you, they just explain about marijuana abuse

  3. Wow this has me shaking right now and my eyes are full holding back the anger after hearing her say she doesn't know whether Oliver will have one more year this is a horrendous story but I very glad to hear that he was able to get what he needed thank you to OLIVER MILLER YOUR A STRONG KID

  4. Kids like this is why I became a professional grower. Remember folks, only YOU can help overgrow the government. Dont wait for permission from sociopathic Fascists who have a vested interest in its illegality.

  5. and about 4 years later it's still only approved for a handful of illnesses in NY and so few licenses were given to open dispensaries that most people (above Albany) have to drive hours to find a doctor and then a few more to find a dispensary. Cuomo has this weird conception that NY ends at the Tappen zee bridge and besides Albany the rest of the state is an empty wasteland. From the city it's roughly 4 hours to Plattsburgh and 7 hours to Buffalo and if you're only allowed 4 dispensaries where you going to put one of yours? Sure medical marijuana is legal now in NY, but after 4 years it's still so arbitrarily restrictive that most doctors cant prescribe it, and the ones who can still cant prescribe it for illnesses everyone knows it will treat, and the people who need it most cant get to it. Maybe when they get done congratulating each other in another few years

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