Most Popular Marijuana Stocks!

Most Popular Marijuana Stocks!
Here are the most popular marijuana stocks as Canada becomes the largest country to legalize pot
The Canadian company, which posted just million in revenue last year, has seen its market cap buoy to more than billion in recent months.
Tilray posted one of its best days on Wall Street September after announcing approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration to import pot to the United States for medical research. Canada-based company plans to work with the University of California San Diego Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research to study the safety, tolerability and efficacy of marijuana for a neurological disorder.
“The pace and change is accelerating rapidly and we’re seeing well-funded, professional brands emerging,” CEO Brendan Kennedy told CNBC an interview Wednesday. “It’s a global opportunity and we think we have a first-mover advantage.”
Founded in 2013, Tilray was incorporated under Kennedy’s cannabis-focused private equity venture Privateer Holdings. Privateer, which still owns about 80 percent of the company, announced earlier this year that it has raised 0 million to invest in cannabis brands.
Billionaire investor Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund became the first institutional investor in the cannabis industry through Privateer’s million Series B financing round in December 2014, according to the company’s website.
Price move since July 19: approx. 760 percent.
Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC)
The company’s stock rallied earlier this week after it announced plans to acquire a U.S.-based hemp research company.
Canopy Growth said its purchase of Evergreen, Colorado-based ebbu will “complement and accelerate” its ambitions to expand into new types of consumer products, including more productive plants and the technology needed to incorporate cannabidiol into consumer goods.
Canopy was the first publicly traded cannabis company in North America in 2014 under the leadership of co-CEO Bruce Linton. The company markets medical marijuana products — including flowers and oils — in Canada, Germany and the Czech Republic and recently tightened its relationship with Corona brewer Constellation Brands.
The beer brewer is investing about billion into the Canadian marijuana grower in its efforts to broaden its strategic portfolio as beer consumption in the United States declines.
Price move since July 19: approx. 100 percent.
Aurora Cannabis (Toronto: ACB)
This company has made headlines in recent weeks amid reports that it is in talks with Coca-Cola to develop weed-infused beverages.
Some analysts have hypothesized that such a partnership would likely focus on developing health-focused beverages aimed at easing inflammation, pain and cramping, a product that could appeal to athletes. The company said later in September that it does not have any formal agreement to partner with a beverage company.
The New York Stock Exchange certified its approval for listing and registration of Aurora shares Wednesday, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. Shares of Aurora are up 390 percent over the last 12 months in Toronto.

Most Popular Marijuana Stocks!
Canada Marijuana Sales = Stocks massively overvalued.
Based on the preliminary data looks like 2 billion a year in sales. Marijuana stocks massively overvalued.

Canada Marijuana Sales = Stocks massively overvalued.