NY DOH To Recommend Legalization Of Marijuana

NY DOH To Recommend Legalization Of Marijuana
With the recreational use of pot permitted in nine states, a new report ordered by Governor Cuomo found that New York should be added to the list. CBS2’s Jessica Layton reports.

NY DOH To Recommend Legalization Of Marijuana

5 thoughts on “NY DOH To Recommend Legalization Of Marijuana”

  1. Partly cause people are waking up to the truth. What cop's say about cannabis is nothing more than lies even a couple presidents in the past grew cannabis and hemp and even made moonshine!

  2. Good, after NJ maybe PA will be next. I can't use it due to my job, unless the feds legalize it, but I hope all of you with chronic pain or PTSD who get treated like drug addicts for taking prescriptions only can find some relief.

  3. my god im so sick of people controling us and telling us as adults what we can put in our bodies. i smoked weed at 16 and some in my 20ys and 30ys it does nothing but make you smarter and hungry and horny and tierd. i was parinoid sometimes. but that depends on the weed you smoke. For GODput it on are planet for a reason.For people saying its a gatway drugs,that is so muchbullshit!.Its going to help people get off opioids narcotics.Want to make something illegal,make narcotics illegal NOT WEED.And as far as kids go you aren't gong to stop them for doing anything.Thats what parents are FOR!!

  4. O common its should be legal many years ago
    More money for politicians,more enterpreneur,better economy,more tourist=more money,more happinies,less alcohol,deaths,family violents,better agro culture…

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