Pesticides still being found in Denver marijuana products, six months after official crackdown

Pesticides are still being found in marijuana products sold in Denver nearly six months after an official crackdown, an investigation has revealed. Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Detroit council to address marijuana shops, parking

Regulation of Detroit's growing number of marijuana shops will be among a handful of issues the Detroit City Council expects to tackle when it returns … Google Alert – marijuana...

CDC warns about increasing US teens vaping marijuana with the e-cigarettes

A recent survey of the Yale finds nearly one in five teens who use e-cigarettes have vaporized marijuana, hash oil, or other cannabis byproducts. Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Study says teens are using e-cigarettes to vape marijuana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 7, 2015) – E-cigarettes are known to help people quit smoking, but now teenagers are using them for something else. Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Teens now vaping marijuana

But new research out Monday morning suggests, some teens are using them to smoke marijuana. We'll show you Laredo efforts to fight substance … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Man arrested with more than 5 pounds of marijuana

Inside that home, police found 5.3 pounds of marijuana, 10.9 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 47 oxycodone pills, a sawed-off shotgun, an AR-15 … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

VIDEO: Teens using e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana

(KHQ.COM)- A new study by Yale University says more teenagers are using E-cigarettes to smoke marijuana, and they could be smoking it right in … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Why Buying Marijuana From A Store Is Better Than The Black Market

colorado marijuana retail legal recreational stores rules In a little over three weeks from now, I will make my first legal purchase at a marijuana outlet in … Google Alert...

Labor Day marijuana rally held in Tyler

"The majority of people support changing the marijuana laws," said Gardner. "Upwards of 75 percent and our representatives do not represent us.". Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Teenagers using e-cigarettes to vape marijuana

Now, new research suggests some teenagers are using them to smoke marijuana. Yale University School of Medicine had nearly 4,000 high school … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic