Health Canada to ban marijuana advertising

Canada's health minister has stepped up her efforts to ban illegal marijuana advertising with the creation of a dedicated task force. Rona Ambrose … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Health Canada will monitor marijuana advertisements

Ambrose and Health Canada issued a statement saying the government will begin actively monitoring marijuana advertising instead of acting mostly … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

UBC revamps medical school curriculum; doesn't include marijuana

UBC's medical school is rolling out a new curriculum next month, but it won't include more training on medical marijuana. Three hours of class time is … Google Alert –...

Medical marijuana to be grown by five companies in New York State

New York State continues to make strides towards authorizing cannabis for medical treatment. Many are jumping on the medical marijuana industry … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Marketing against marijuana commercialization: What's the message?

Marijuana legalization is here. And if it's not here, it's coming. So when it comes to marketing against Big Marijuana, what is the message? Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Editorial: Banning marijuana solves nothing

While local city and county officials continue to debate the particulars of Oregon's new liberal marijuana laws, methamphetamine, heroin and … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Health Canada Cracking Down on Marijuana Advertising

Health Minister Rona Ambrose says a crackdown is being put in place, monitoring illegal marijuana advertisements. Ambrose says the move is a … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Round Two Of Proposed Alaska Marijuana Rules Now Available

The Marijuana Control Board has issued its second round of proposed rules, and the public is invited to comment by 4:30 p.m., Saturday, August 8. Google Alert – marijuana...

Medical marijuana industry evolving

"You can't ignore that this is a billion-dollar industry," said Marc Ross, a New York City attorney who has studied the emergence of medical marijuana. Google Alert – marijuana...

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