Study Says Long Term Teen Marijuana Use Does Not Cause Problems Later In Life

A new study found that marijuana use during adolescence up until adulthood does not cause significant physical and mental health problems later in … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Marijuana users no more likely to experience depression, psychosis or asthma, study says

No matter how much marijuana you did in your rebellious youth – or how little because you were a good lad – it will not come back to haunt...

Hawaii medical marijuana dispensary licenses likely to be awarded on point scale

The process to determine Hawaii's first medical marijuana dispensary license holders will likely be based on a point scale, state officials said … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Colorado, Washington legislators lead pot panel at lawmaker conference

Young marijuana plants sit under grow lamps at the Pioneer Production and Processing marijuana growing facility in Arlington, Wash., on Jan. Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Boston University To Offer A 'Marijuana In American History' Course

As far as I know, there has never been a major accredited public university that has taught a course on marijuana from a purely history perspective. Google Alert –...

California Wildfires Burning Part of Medical Marijuana Industry

Several Bay Area medical marijuana dispensaries say wildfires around California are hurting their industry. They claim cannabis plants are growing … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Marijuana growers warned not to use illegal pesticides — which is nearly all of them

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is warning marijuana growers to stop using illegal pesticides, while the state scrambles to put together a list of … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Boston City Council hears criticism of synthetic marijuana

Boston's City Council has a message for those looking to sell synthetic marijuana: Don't do it. That was the clear sentiment from councilors … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Michigan panel recommends allowing marijuana for children with autism

An advisory panel in Michigan has recommended that the state allow children with autism to use medical marijuana as treatment. Detroit-area doctors … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Colorado working to tweak marijuana enforcement, testing rules

GOLDEN – Colorado kicked off a month-long effort Wednesday to develop and tweak marijuana enforcement rules dealing with everything from yeast … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic