Planting Cannabis Seeds And 🚬 Smoke Session

Planting Cannabis Seeds And 🚬 Smoke Session
Hello my name is Trina and I am a Medical Cannabis Patient. I partake of Cannabis on a regular basis for my PTSD, Arthritis in both of my knees and ankles, social anxiety and a few other conditions you can learn more about through watching the previous shows on this channel.

This is The Productive Cannabis Connoisseur. A channel dedicated to Medical Cannabis Patients And Adults 18 and older

On today’s show I give you the beginnings of a Cannabis grow that I am working on with my husband. We are both Medical Cannabis Patients living in California. We planted 12 seeds that we got from last year’s harvest. Wish us luck! I will be keeping you up to date as progress arises.

Thank you for watching!

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Planting Cannabis Seeds And 🚬 Smoke Session

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  1. this is a sick CHANNEL ….I wanna help you grow new SUPPORTERS….👍👍 come check me out ..I do networking lives ..make sure you hit my bell 🔔so you know when I'm live

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