12 thoughts on “Quit Marijuana And The Ripple Effect”

  1. 12 days into quitting after about a decade of consistent use with small periods of quitting before. I have had some mood swings and depressive moments that are quelled by exercise and mindfulness

  2. A few years ago I would brush off a video like this. It is true, weed is not all good. It's good as a medicine, but why would someone need to use it as a medicine unless they were sick? I had a lot of good times smoking weed, but I also wasted a lot of money and time doing it. You only have so much time in your life guys. Use it to achieve your goals and reach your fullest potential. We all have greatness inside of us.

  3. Lol well idk what kind of smokers you're talking about. I agree quitting habits you engage in too much that aren't definitely productive is good. But smoking once in a while opened up my mind to becoming more intelligent, loving knowledge, wanting to be creative, and since I started smoking weed I have written over 500 rap songs and poems… Lol self mastery does not lie in quitting just one habit.

    I do agree that some people need to quit, and that was even me at one point I was too addicted.

    But a guy who takes one or two hits of weed every couple days and uses his time being high to improve himself and relax is not missing out on all of his success…

    Just find your purpose people. Challenge your brain and your body and your spirit on the daily, if you do some habits once in a while that some people look down upon, just know they probably got super drunk and looked like an idiot at some point in thier life ?

    Good vid but change doesn't necessarily come about by quitting one of your old habits. More importantly we need to be engaging in many good habits everyday.

    No one is perfect. A hard working guy who is addicted to cheeseburgers but is sober could be way worse off than if he ate healthy and smoked some weed…

  4. I'm 18 and I smoked almost every day from 15 to 18. I was going through 2 grams daily on weekdays and anywhere from 2 grams to 14 grams on weekends. It got to the point where all I wanted to do was get high , I would easily get frustrated if I went a couple of hours with out it. I quit recently , due to a sudden change in the high I was getting , my tolerance went up so much from smoking hydroponic weed (20-30% thc) everyday , quitting smoking was the best decision I've ever made , not only do I have time for things I actually want to get done but I also have a lot of spare money that would usually go to waste. Maybe one day I'll smoke again but in a more moderate & responsible way , I've come to realize I'm fine with out it. It's all a mind game , your body & mind has got used to the thc chemical so of course there might be some withdrawals the first weeks but after that month clean you will feel like a whole different person. For anyone out there trying to quit or cut down , you can do it.

  5. it seems the problem lies in binging. just like the neighbors with alcohol. only the guy that drinks everyday/all day seems to be the one getting himself into this loop. of needing to quit/decide/drink etc. Terence Mckenna (who didnt always follow his own rule) once said "once a week is the way to do it"

    m o d e r a t i o n

  6. I love weed and no one should be forced to stop, but I also got my life back on track by quitting. I finally got a band started and have been taking my music a lot more seriously since I stopped. I love smoking and smelling it and prepping it, but it made me too tired to do anything ever

  7. It's my first week and i'm really struggling, balancing between should i call my man up or shouldn't i. It's addictive as hell.

  8. Human heart and the wishes it desires are mutch mutch deeper and stronger than human mind, that's why it's so hard to get rid of drugs, alcohol e.t.c

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