19 thoughts on “Rep Alford on Legalizing Marijuana”

  1. It's stupid comments like this that make conservatives everywhere look like ignorant racists. It's even worse because this guy is in government…and not just some right wing imbecile with a TV or radio spot ….yet.

  2. Alford is referring to William Randolph Hearst's propaganda from the 20's and 30's, printed to protect his pulp farms and logging concerns from a switch from wood-based paper to hemp based newsprint. Fake news has long arms.

  3. What he said is correct; the campaign to make cannabis illegal used the typical jim crow propaganda to disguise the real reason it was outlawed to keep paper mills etc in business. This man isn't racist. He is just in need of an update.

  4. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! "….its because of African Americans who responded the worst, its because of their genetic make up"

    oh and i'm paraphrasing cuz this dumb bigot stumbled to fuck and back while trying to say his real thought : "blacks and weed cause white death!" good one fuck face, way to sound fucking mental.

  5. Cool story bro. Just gonna go fill a legal prescription for Percocet because cool laws. Eat a dick you dumbass backward fuckbag.

  6. CORRECTION !!!!! Cannabis or as you call it ,marijuana, is an exit drug. It helps opiate addiction. Opiat addiction is this countries real problem, it's becoming an epidemic. Stop looking out for your own interests and please do the right thing. Us the people vote you into office and majority of Americans want it legalized. Do a little research and you can learn for yourself.

  7. “Taking someone’s freedom” by marijuana smoke? That’s almost comical and is not a valid argument. Cigarette smoke is literally in almost any public area and the smoke from a cig is far more dangerous and unpleasant to bystanders than some natural fruity ganja you’ll get a whiff of.

  8. I find it hilarious how many people act surprised about this. I see shit WAY worse in YouTube comments sections every damn day.

    All this does is prove what black people have been saying for two generations…

    No, racism did NOT magically disappear in 1965.

  9. What a Crack head, he's still trying to shovel that 30's propagandist bull shit. The majority can see through that bull shit these days.

  10. Wow, hard to watch I can't believe know one had anything to say about his totally racist comments. The country we live in.

  11. How does somebody use their WIFE for reference? Isn't that how all those confederate statues went up? Because of some egotistocal wives?

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