Sexing Cannabis Plants: MALE or FEMALE? – How To

Sexing Cannabis Plants: MALE or FEMALE? - How To
How To Sex Your Marijuana Plants… by which I mean how to tell male Cannabis plants from Female Cannabis plants. Determining Gender can be tough the first couple of times you go at a grow. And what if you get a Hermaphrodite? Instead of explaining it in words, or using a crappy camera to try and zoom in on a weed plant, I will show you guys how to tell the sex of a plant with good quality real life pictures at every stage of the plant’s life.

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Sexing Cannabis Plants: MALE or FEMALE? – How To

18 thoughts on “Sexing Cannabis Plants: MALE or FEMALE? – How To”

  1. Awesome thank you!! I just started growing my own, and I was so lost on this part. I kept staring at them wondering what their balls were supposed to look like lol So far all females!! YES!!! 😀

  2. Would it be bad if you have them together when the plant is still a baby plant? ..

  3. Hey lex!! I was 2 weeks into flowering and one of my topped stem broke ,not completely though ,just a tad little bit. I taped my plant with a splint . It just happened now. I am so mad and upset. Its my first grow and im about to cry.Will she recover because the leaves started to droop already? Need urgent help!!

  4. When in doubt…cut it out!!! Don't wait too long, one male can pollinate hundreds of female. The male pollen is like talcum powder, and goes air borne very easily, and can travel miles in the wind! If you're not sure and want to be patient, at least move the plants in question away from the known females! Personally, it's risky, I don't wait…to be sorry and have my crop ruined. Just my opinion. Remove and kill all males as soon as you know, get them out of the room! I used to "bag" them to be safe!

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