Smoking Weed, Cannabis or Marijuana? You NEED to Know That…

Smoking Weed, Cannabis or Marijuana? You NEED to Know That...
I will share some pretty intense observations about weed – particularly legalized weed a.k.a. marijuana. I will also remind by way of a fair warning to those who are deceptive and conniving agents – BE VERY AWARE!

Draw your own conclusions but please be observant and honest with the SELF.

Smoking Weed, Cannabis or Marijuana? You NEED to Know That…

20 thoughts on “Smoking Weed, Cannabis or Marijuana? You NEED to Know That…”

  1. Resently i stopped smoking weed. The high is not the same as it use to be. For some reason i have been guided to stop smoking.

  2. I think everything you're saying about today's laced weed is due to the obscene amounts of THC the strains are bred for now instead of containing additives. You're on point about everything else though, the weed of today has become increasingly abused and the THC levels are causing adverse effects. It's become more of an intense psychadelic drug than something to mellow out on, which can be a horrifying experience, especially for first timers.

  3. WHAT do you call a bubble gum Educator, who Never tried bubble gum??? Discern that 4 me 🙂

  4. I can tell you don't have the usual crowd here cause some of these comments are from pot heads and dealers that don't want to deal in the real. Oh well! Thank you!

  5. The world is really becoming out patient true Saint Elizabeth (WARds) of lost causes. Not those who are behind the real walls that should be free. When every the Monarchy/ One World Government pushes an agenda believe it's more to it that meets the mind. When the master deceiver tells you it's okay to destroy your life line most of the heard follows. Majority of society does not questions anything but nonsense. A few percentages question facts. In this life cycle are called the crazy ones. The free thinkers, which the establishment cannot stand. But will have respect for those in the end. They stood in true purpose. Look at Snoop Dog who glorifies weed smoking and really made it cool for the youth to follow as well as some adults. For the exchange of his lavish life style. He's just a puppet that helped pitch the mass destruction. The abomination was strategically planned eons ago. He played a part of help ushering the plot. Do you really think by legalization of marijuana weed killer that they have your best interest at heart. It's called depopulation and profit off the slaughter house. Think of how scientists have developed Roundup Weed Killer which was design for plants, garden and farming agriculture. Like for instance Monsanto's GMO seeds. Let just say replace the s with letter w. What does it spells (weed). The psycho who runs this quarantine for the time being are making a mockery of the humanity. Cashing in on harvesting your energy life force and a soft killed death on plant earth. All they do go hand and hand. Keeping souls trapped from cycles to cycle. To keep servings there needs. Try to be right, walk in the light and live respectfully. Ascension is heading our way. Will you make it out of here?

  6. I've noticed all addictions lead to the other and the negative effects of the addictions mainly attachment takes hold in many different ways such as dependence on the addiction itself it can become people porn drugs alcohol even gambling fighting aggression…full detox on all levels is the best way. Just being natural and patience with yourself and nature's workings really do the rest. ..I've smoked weed a long time now having an on off relationship with it. Had cases of psychosis mixing it with stimulants hysteria paranoia. This has slot to do with sleep deprivation also. But I suppose weed is a medicinal plant and you should only use it if and when for medical purposes. Otherwise abuse of the plant or drug will lead to heavy imbalances on all levels. Making it easy for all types of psychic excitements and attachments …Being aware of it all or awakened I guess there wouldn't be much point t in smoking it or getting a buzz that's higher than your own vibration or third eye visions etc…but it's like everyone whose alseep is still trying to initiate themselves into higher states with drugs mushrooms weed plants LSD etc…it's just another spiritual crutch. #NoLack I'm working on this

  7. The way you positioned yourself and your body language next to the picture of the weed is showing that you ain't feeling weed lol.

  8. Here in L.A. the weed shops have a warning sign like the warning sign at starbucks that say there are some chemicals in there that could cause cancer. After seeing your video I looked on the ingredients of this dark chocolate medical cannabis bar. You talk so proper, let me just say this chocolate has, milk and sugar, cannabis oil,dark chocolate 61% cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin,,vanilla beans, popping candy, sugar, corn syrup, processed with carbon dioxide, natural blackberry flavor, 27mg sodium. The crime rate has gone down here in L.A. the last thing I wanna do is fight after a small piece. It makes me paranoid and I stay in the house, listen to music, munchies like a horse, sexual, sleep good, and my dreams slow down kinda to a stop. I usually dream about every night but if I eat a piece there will rarely be any. I think it could be all the sweetener in it that makes my face feel so dry, a bit itchy and flaky. Its what takes me in deep meditation and creativity, but when I come down I see some of the stuff I wrote down is not so perfect. I just don't smoke cause being a Gemini with four lungs instead of two we Gems are not supposed to smoke. Sugar in my intestines is not so good having to detox out my pores, but nothing being burned leaving residue in my lungs except all this filthy air pollution.
    Thank you for the years of helping me with you enlightening,black glowing light of warm comforting, blanketing, soothe my soul deep inside the astralBOOBABY Heaven.

  9. One more thing the reason I slowed down with edibles, and do very little like maybe once a week if that, is because it makes me too relaxed and I have to work out without fear of loosing balance. I had two cornbread muffins today, if I was on edibles I would have done two more. Also I was starting to increase the dosage.

  10. Astral BB! Man you had to go here didnt you?? Lol well as a user I must say marijuana for me has been always positive. It has helped my evolution/path and I believe one of Mother nature's gifts. I vibe with you on the organic versus legalized. Marijuana is a commodity now, so yes just like foods the corps do the same thing. It's all about your hookup lol. I'd say open your mind more and try it before u knock it. This video seems more anti Cannabis my dude so I had to comment. Bob Marley rolling in his grave to this vid hahah jus giving u a hard time. Much love ABB

  11. Wow. This reminds me of Opium. Back in the 1920s-1960s the Chinese migrated to the Western part of the United States. When they did they started businesses and taking jobs from the white man. The white man didn't like this so he focused on the Chinese and found out that the Chinese uses Opium as a means to chill and relax. So what do the white man do? He makes Opium illegal which puts lots of Chinese in jails and gives jobs back to the white man. Samething is done to blacks with weed. All of this is done to hide the fact that white people are not the stronger nor smarter race. Actually when you look at in in a broader spectrum you would see that if they hv to make a system that divides people and make them seem better then that would mean they hv the most flaws.

  12. (Repost) ABB, your perception of the new brands of weed being much stronger is, in fact, real. Due to cross-breeding in controlled environments, the legal strains sold in dispensaries are more potent than "street-sold" marijuana, apparently. This is for a number of reasons: growth control creates more consistency in quality and potency; also, some of the new strains are being bred with higher levels of CBD and THC for medicinal application; there is also a demand for increased potency due to elevated THC-tolerances in the bodies of long-term recreational users. Like any other drug, long-term use dulls the body's ability to achieve the same high, thus requiring a higher amount or potency to render the same effect. All of this has led to new strains of marijuana being more potent than ever before. I am not a marijuana user myself, but I do find the abuse of it concerning. For decades, it's been oft-repeated that marijuana is not addictive–I think this is untrue. I personally know of people who have been heavily dependent on marijuana for literally decades, some suffering from depression, mood swings and memory loss. And most of these people don't seem to be healthier as a result.

    I like what you said towards the end about using discernment… I was relating to a friend very recently that we're living in a world of illusions; many things are not what they appear to be. We're in an era of fake news, false prophets/leaders, fake body parts, charlatans, propaganda, hidden agendas, rumors, spin, gossip, misdirections and distractions; meanwhile, we're diving deeper into an age of bots, avatars, artificial intelligence, holograms, invisible currencies, virtual and augmented realities. People who appear as friends may actually be foe, and vice versa. All people who look like you aren't necessarily your allies, rather all skinfolk ain't kinfolk , and vice versa. We've witnessed idols become pariahs and "bad guys" emerge as heroes. The "yanni vs. laurel" debate is further evidence that our reality is subject to each individual's perception and consciousness, and hearkens back to the diverging frequencies/realms of existence as we're discussed before. What's deemed beautiful or valuable is truly in the eye of the beholder. We can no longer fully trust everything we see and hear with our own eyes and ears! So, relying on one's intuitive faculties will become more necessary than ever, as we navigate further into this rapidly transforming and chaotic world. Those who do not will be more susceptible to deception and manipulation. As you said, it would behoove us all to be humble, wary, and wise. Thanks again.

  13. When you say that cannabis assists in raising our sensory consciousness to higher levels, very true this is. I regret having continued smoking the herb way past the point where its usefulness of having delivered the spiritual effects expired, because it had already served its purpose and my unnecessary further use had begotten undesirable mental effects. Actions invite warnings, it seems.
    I genuinely think no one should use it until their brain has developed, nor should it be used as recreation but as a one time bridge to the higher mind, and neither a dependency for acquiring that mental state.

  14. Gotta Be more educated about everything we consume….Of course there's gmo weed and chemical enhancers; steroids. Fruits and vegetables are gmo too.Weed laced with hard drugs? I think I'd know the difference.

  15. I can attest that what ABB is absolutely correct. I work as an admission nurse in a detox facility. Part of the criteria for admission is performing drug screens. I have noticed the strange look on many of my patient's faces when I tell them the substances that turned up in their urine. The common denominator is much of them smoke Mj in addition to whatever they came in to detox off of. They state that they have never used these other substances. For clients that don't smoke weed these substances do not show up. I even tested a personal friend, who I know for a fact does not engage in anything other than smoking some weed. I never thought would come the day that you can't even get virgin smoke. The substances my patients and friend has tested positive for some or all include; Cocaine, Opiates, Benzo's Tca, Methamp, Suboxone, Pcp, Methadone. As if this were not enough, smoke is also laced with Embalming Fluid, depending on who you purchase it from. I know this because one of my client was a dealer and this is what he laced his weed with prior to selling. Now is the day you smoke at your own risk and gOd forbid you have any unknown allergies to any of those things.
    This is a sinister plan indeed.

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