50 thoughts on “SMOKING WEED WITH FRIENDS!!”

  1. Sasha is like the mom at the end, giving everybody stuff to hit and Josh
    and Ty are just like "yes mom."

  2. Daaaamn Josh, I’ve been loving the content lately. Excited to see what’s
    coming in the future ayyyy cheers

  3. As a YouTube Preacher, I really like your channel buddy. Ya’ll keep up the

    I am gradually learning that the only way to get others MORE aware is for
    more of us to come out with content that can be shared… Knowledge is


  4. Dude what I wouldn’t give to have a trip like this. Just smoking in a house
    full of people that smoke for a living.

  5. me and my friends had a hot box in a huge dumbster can or some thing like
    that cleaned it out and sit in it for 1 hour hotboxing you need to try it

  6. Sounds like you’re using a built in mic. Please use an external mic more
    often <3 <3 (If you can that is)

  7. In Arizona it is 110% all about Shatter and I hate it. I know so many
    people who are the "I only dab shatter, its the best." and I am so tired of
    it. People will literally buy meh dark kinda sticky shatter instead of some
    insane crumble or good rosin.

  8. I support cannabis legalization 100% but due to sports and gym i’ve had to
    quit smoking weed, there is minuscule edible access here is there any
    recipes or ways i could keep using it?

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