State of the Cannabis Business for 10 Countries in 2018 | Cultivate Ep. 05

State of the Cannabis Business for 10 Countries in 2018 | Cultivate Ep. 05
As the cannabis legalization movement expands worldwide, so does Boveda. Meet Benjamin Patock, who is leading Boveda’s International Relations for Herbal. Along with Benjamin, Scott and Drew are joined by Lance Lambert, Boveda’s Herbal Strategic Business Unit Manager, who is a world-class bud-venturer in his own right.

Join four cannabis industry professionals for talk of decriminalization, medical cannabis programs and recreational use in the U.S. and abroad. Hear what people outside the U.S. think of our cannabis policies and the quality of our world-class flower.

As this plant is freed around the world, more people will experience the healing effects of cannabis. And discover how to preserve flower with Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control.

Hosted by: Boveda’s Drew Emmer and Scott Swail – Watch Cultivate’s International State of Cannabis episode to find out:

– Current state of Europe’s cannabis business (1:50)
– Will there always be a cannabis black market? (5:16)
– Gen X versus Baby Boomers—who’s getting on the cannabis train in Colorado? (5:22)
– Which European countries are cannabis friendly? (7:01)
– Where is the cannabis business booming in the United States and where is it stuck? (8:59)
– Where is Canada on adult-use of cannabis? (12:25)
– Is state-by-state cannabis legalization good? (13:18)
– How do Spain’s cannabis laws differ from UK’s cannabis laws? (19:04)
– Coming out of the “green closet?” (25:03)
– Is cannabis legal in Australia or New Zealand? (35:48)

State of the Cannabis Business for 10 Countries in 2018 | Cultivate Ep. 05

One thought on “State of the Cannabis Business for 10 Countries in 2018 | Cultivate Ep. 05”

  1. Hey guys! That was great! On the topic of Bill C45, Canada's country-wide adult-use Cannabis legalization bill, it's now been delayed until August. I predict later than that in reality. Our Senators voted on the bill and passed it through its second reading yesterday, they'll review & vote on it again in a few months. The delay is likely also because we're sending the law enforcement who will be our "Drug Evaluators" to Florida to be taught to recognize Cannabis consumption's effects on an individual. As you know, there is no accurate blood, urine, or saliva test to judge impairment at this time so Canada is opting for the US program that relies on an officer's judgement of how you look, act, walk, or drive. In the US, 60% of the charges went back to court so not sure it's a great program but it's what we have.

    This "Cannabis Social Club" sounds kinda like the "Cannabis "Cookie" Exchange Parties" that a few of my friends have talked about. Bill C45 has an amendment to allow Canadians to grow up to 4 plants. (This portion of the bill will have crazy restrictions on it.) No doubt like the social clubs in Spain, each grower would grow certain strains & at harvest each individual gets all of their daytime & night time Cannabis needs filled. I love the idea & the community/camaraderie aspect of it. Each person could grow to their capacity and each harvest will be like a graduation of knowledge in horticultural therapy.

    All-in-all, it's progress though still pretty rough. We'll be polishing and amending this regulation for years to come. Many of my friends didn't want it to pass. It's incredibly biased but it's a start. Anyhoo, great show as usual.


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