Stealth 420 Grow Dresser; Stealth Marijuana Growing

Stealth 420 Grow Dresser; Stealth Marijuana Growing
This is my stealth grow box, the grow dresser. i learned how to grow from I grow my own personal marijuana and have a medical card, but have to grow it secretly because my roommates are anti-marijuana and would kick me out if they knew i was growing. I grow all my marijuana in stealth grow boxes including pc grow boxes and stealth dressers.

Stealth 420 Grow Dresser; Stealth Marijuana Growing

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  1. This music makes me want to run naked through a golf course on a steamy night in the rain

  2. wer did ya get d kit bud??nd hw stealthy is she from d pigs??wud d power wattage rise by much like i mean wud ye c d diff in ur elect bills???cheers

  3. im thinking bout buying this same dresser i've already bought a lil woody grow box….but im thinking if i use my flora grow bloom…cuz i only use autoflowering plants…..will it still grow almost the same

  4. @PretzleOnDeck its mylar, google it if ya want, although white paint reflects more light that the mylar or foils.

  5. i have an idea, take an old freeze box, with side door not top…
    airtight, but then drill 2 holes 1 maybe down and 1 up for air to pass thru add carbonwhatevermagicfilters that will contain like 90% smell inside and cover insides in some very shiny materials to reflect light and make some lighttraps at the fans… add lights and all the other stuffs, wouldn't a freezer be the best option as it is otherwise airtight? ofcourse you woldn't have the freezer running lol…

  6. bullshit honestly anyone living with their parents would never be able to get away with this

  7. ANYONE…im looking into a pc grow box…things are small as fuck …. from what i heard you cant really grow sativas because they grow tall… there anyway that i can?

  8. u definitely need to checkout NeverGetBusted video series… google Barry Cooper and you'll figure it out… don't get busted… former narcotics officer spills the beans on the secret tricks cops use to? trap you, discover your op, etc… a MUST for what you're doing.

  9. I personally want at least one male so that I don't have to buy more seeds until I want a new strain or want to create a new strain witch has worked out well for me

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