Stock Averages: Village Farms, Aphria, Canopy Growth, Aurora & more📈📉

Stock Averages: Village Farms, Aphria, Canopy Growth, Aurora & more📈📉
It has been a few months since I have updated everyone with what has been happening with my marijuana stocks. Here we are in May, hopefully just months before recreational legalization in Canada. Letsgetit.

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Stock Averages: Village Farms, Aphria, Canopy Growth, Aurora & more📈📉

8 thoughts on “Stock Averages: Village Farms, Aphria, Canopy Growth, Aurora & more📈📉”

  1. Yo king just what I've been waiting for… Love the update. WEED always hit a ew 52 week high and just when you think they've gone to high, they come back with a new 52 weeks high. Soon to be in the 50's maybe RRSP time. I like APH over ACB. ACB seems to be a bloated pig and isn't moving up with everyone else. Bitting on LEAF may not be good for them for the time being. Hydropothecary just keeps going up. With Quebec being Quebec they will always get preference over other companies in the province. I love the name Supreme but, it doesn't seem to go anywhere. I'm glad you brought up all these new companies popping up. One year after legalization all does companies will die unless they get recognized for producing what is currently called quality craft cannabis. Mass production pleases the majority of new consumers, although longtime smokers will always gravitate towards quality craft cannabis.

  2. I'm still with you on aph, thcx :o) and happy with ogi, glad I sold a couple at a loss because they are still dropping while I am making green on the capital. Can always jump back IF they reverse. ACBmay be going sub 7 soon I think. I'm down on cbw, n, chv, emh, acb hiku hip but aph thcx and ogi balance out those negs. My greenhut for citrus is done too, 200w of solar for winter heat..

  3. King I just put in a buy order for Hydropothecary warrants at &1.55 If you think they'll keep going up this is a great way to get in and make a quicker percentage upwards.

  4. Yeahhhhhhhh alriiiiiiiiiiiiight nice very nice I'm loving what I'm hearing mite ofto look into some stocks great video my friend cheers

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