STONED SLEDDING | Colorado Vlog pt. 2

STONED SLEDDING | Colorado Vlog pt. 2
oh yeah and a lot of shrooms

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STONED SLEDDING | Colorado Vlog pt. 2

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  1. Your hard work is really paying off, Frances. You deserve so many more followers and I know someday you will get there. Keep working hard, your loyal subscribers love you for it!!

  2. Wow what an amazing adventure you went on. You must be like the upper echelon of stoners/youtubers. You always block me.You act strong but in reality you are weak. I'm probably the only person who says something real to you in your delusional social media world and it makes you upset.

  3. Hey everyone make sure you know France's new email address if you want to reach out to her! I replied as a fan and she got back to me. She'll give you her PO box to send gifts.

  4. This is such a good video I am pleasantly surprised. Except not really surprised because I enjoy all of your videos lol. 10/10 most wholesome video I've seen in a while

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