Stoner Location Tag: Canada

Stoner Location Tag: Canada
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I hope you enjoyed the video guys! We both had tons of fun making these. If you guys wanna make one too, I want to see it! Make sure to leave me a comment with a link to it, lets see how it is all over the world! I’ll leave the questions down below.
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Stoner Location Tag:
Where are you from?
What were the laws like as you were growing up when it came to cannabis?
How have the laws changed?
What are the dispensaries like where you live?
What does it cost to get a medical marijuana card?
Do you feel like stoners/weed smoking is accepted where you live?
Are there any other words you use to refer to joints?
How do you roll a blunt?
Is it legal to smoke in public?
How is the dabbing scene in your area?

Stoner Location Tag: Canada