TGOD (TSE:TGOD) vs. Organigram (CVE:OGI) 🍁Weed Stocks Wars🍁ep 3🍁

TGOD (TSE:TGOD) vs. Organigram (CVE:OGI) 🍁Weed Stocks Wars🍁ep  3🍁
TGOD (TSE:TGOD) vs. Organigram (CVE:OGI) – Weed Stocks Wars episode 3.

This video is actually part 3 from the series that you guys chose to call “Weed Stock Wars” and as you probably already saw from the title of this video we’ll be comparing OrganiGram holdings, inc. (CVE:OGI) to The green organic Dutchman holdings limited (TSE:TGOD).

More specifically we’ll be comparing TGOD (TSE:TGOD) and Organigram (CVE:OGI) on the following criteria:

– Basic metrics
– Fundamentals
– Valuation
– Future
– Media

If you want to find out which criteria exactly we use to compare TGOD (TSE:TGOD) and Organigram (CVE:OGI) definitely watch this video until the end!

BUT however, if you don’t have the time to watch this whole thing you know that BABY’s got you!

Let us sum it all up real quick.

About the basics, not much to say TGOD got an extra point for that beautiful balance sheet leaving it 3 to 2.

Next we saw that in our opinion TGOD has very good business fundamentals leaving the score 2:0.

Valuation points went to Organigram given the fact that they already are profitable and have a P/E ratio leaving us with a 1:2

The expectations for the future also were 1:2 because of the growth possibilities for organigram.

And the media points off course went to TGOD given the fact that Aurora has pushed TGOD ‘s name to a lot of media front pages.

Anyhow bosses that left us with a total of 9 to 7 in favor of TGOD which basically doesn’t mean anything as this was definitely NOT a full stock research because we want to leave the fun up to you, but off course if you have any questions please do not hesitate to post them down in the comments bellow and we will most definitely answer them all!

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TGOD (TSE:TGOD) vs. Organigram (CVE:OGI) 🍁Weed Stocks Wars🍁ep 3🍁