(THC OVERDOSE) 700mg Distillate Edible (Valentines Special 1/2)

(THC OVERDOSE) 700mg Distillate Edible (Valentines Special 1/2)
In this video I ate a full gram Distillate syringe. It was a lot, and the video came out a little ‘everywhere’ but, enjoy!!
This video is intended for legal cannabis adults and medical patients. 21+
I live in Oregon where Recreational Cannabis use is legal for adults over the age of 21.
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(THC OVERDOSE) 700mg Distillate Edible (Valentines Special 1/2)

3 thoughts on “(THC OVERDOSE) 700mg Distillate Edible (Valentines Special 1/2)”

  1. You gotta warm up the distillate to get it to flow kiddo. Boil some water, pour into a coffee cup, and throw your capped syringe in for 3-5 mins. Will flow perfect after that.

  2. Such a good video to watch lol, documented it so well. Even got to see all the good ass munchies he was eating

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