19 thoughts on “The Best Marijuana Documentary (Canadian)”

  1. I'm 15 years old (Florida) and I've been diagnosed with SAD and my anxiety is so bad that I can barely look people in the eye, always shaking, and I always feel like shit at school. So I've been researching and cannabis seems like a good alternative to therapy or drugs like Xanax. Should I try smoking weed? I dunno if its calming like everyone says. And theres 3 things that are stopping me. My age, no job, and my mother who is a religious fundamentalist who thinks everything is satanic and is afraid of weed.

  2. I don't smoke, but my cousin smokes; one day while smoking, he realized the political system is a trick. The red and blue party is a deception, illusion of choice. So much for making you stupid, made him smart. LOL! The real question is what is the New World Order's agenda for allowing the legalization? If you have problems thinking deeply, smoke then ask the question I'm asking. LOL

  3. Its a "gateway drug" only because its illegal. When a kid tries weed, and sees its nothing, in his mind he goes "hmm, i wonder what else they lied about"…

  4. What you fucking acid and pot propagandist retards doesnt realize that so many people CANNOT deal with these drugs! they get permanent psychosis, mental breakdowns, schizophrenia, drives people to suicides and more, but nooo you braindead uneducated hippie freaks are too blind and DUMB and full of yourself, you want these things to be harmless so bad that you steer away from facts and science so blatantly its hillarious…peopel believe your shit and then they cant take it, and ruins their lives…fucking disgusting pathetic insects that you are, get a fucking life!

  5. Sad and disappointing knowing the government was outlawing pot but cigarettes and other stuff that make them millions of dollars will not be outlawed. Hypocrisy at least

  6. Obvious that they couldn’t make money off weed cuz u don’t need but a little bit to get to where u want and with cigarettes u but then almost everyday so it’s simple to see the government is not for us it’s for our money

  7. This documentary defined my high school. years. It's also the only film that consistently makes me feel emotional. The new film might be prettier to look at and more polished, but this thing is oozing with passion.

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