The Dark Grey Market: Canadian Cannabis

Cannabis in Canada is still widely illegal. With a new government entering parliament in 2016, the odds of legalization, further criminalization or decriminalization of marijuana coming to fruition are still to be determined. But despite that, black market growers and grey market marijuana dispensaries are more prevalent than ever. And the sometimes dangerous, and legally dubious process of manufacturing weed oils and other concentrates is rising with growers investing tens of thousands of dollars to make sheets of potent pot wax.

With the legal fate of weed still in the balance, VICE host Damian Abraham went to BC, the Wild West of Canadian chronic, visited grows operating illegally or semi-legally, met concentrate manufacturers making large quantities of oil in spite of the law, and checked in on the exploding dispensary scene that the federal Conservative government is trying to shut down.

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The Dark Grey Market: Canadian Cannabis

In this video me and Barry from BarryBeeTV go up to civilians asking them if they want free cannabis, but the catch is that we are giving away cannabis the energy drink!


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40 thoughts on “The Dark Grey Market: Canadian Cannabis”

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  2. Респектос,жаль что наши власти не понимают пока что это всё,заберите меня на плантацию работать))

  3. Why are they still using Butane, when CO2 is clean, safe, & can be extracted from the air????

  4. What a great documentary. The time will come soon when cannabis is no longer something anyone needs to hide or be scared of being punished. With Cloudponics we are bringing the grow out of the closet and into the living room!

  5. there is dispensaries popping up all over TO. it's cool to see, I don't know exactly how it works however

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  7. You know…with 4/20 coming up and being a Vancouverite…this kind of pisses me off.

    The medical benefits I've only ever heard of was using weed as a pain killer…But I've never heard of it being used as a topical cream.

    I've got mild psoriasis and I stopped using steroid creams b/c it would just mess my skin up more. Now I just try to stay hydrated, buy this zinc/coal tar cream, and mentally try to stop myself from itching.

    I see this guy making a skin cream, do my research, and immediately find a case where this guy with psoriasis using a marijuana based topical cream and have it gone in about a week…WTH…I'm going to look for this and ask around. This is exactly the sort of thing I need and I'm so fed up with the stigma that comes with this. This drug can be described as recreational…but please don't pile this up with cocaine or heroine that does absolutely NOTHING for you.

    So for anyone who denies the benefits to this, how about going in with an open mind and try medicating yourself. Compare it to all these other drugs that alleviate pain, help you sleep, or help your appetite…whatever. Marijuana has done nothing but good and I'm fed up with the people who ignorantly villainize it.

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