The Pioneers of Canada’s Illegal Cannabis Edibles Markets

The Pioneers of Canada’s Illegal Cannabis Edibles Markets
Come October, Canada will be the second country in the world to legalize weed. While inhaling dried cannabis will be legal, cannabis-infused edibles will remain illegal into 2019. Pop-up markets specializing in edibles are a new phenomenon sweeping Toronto and they are totally illegal. We meet an all-female crew that organizes one of these markets, a baker who sells at their pop-up and a Toronto city councillor who thinks there is a lot to consider before making edibles legal.

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The Pioneers of Canada’s Illegal Cannabis Edibles Markets

16 thoughts on “The Pioneers of Canada’s Illegal Cannabis Edibles Markets”

  1. I like that the police come to just make sure everyone is okay. that's how it should be. these are all normal good people.

  2. The government has zero business making it legal just so that they can get their hands on money in the form of taxes and licensing fees. For decades it's been grown, bought and sold without any help from the government. Either it's legal or it isn't. Remember, once a different government comes into power and decides it evil, they'd have your name thanks to so-called licensing. Nothing but a money grab.

  3. Ain't no pigs coming for some pretty ass white girls who can barely articulate themselves. Those laws are meant to target the same people the state has always targeted: poor (mostly) black men (and women to a certain extent).

    This isn't pioneering anything in the sense of a major shift in the collective consciousness or social relations. It's another logical step in the maintenance of a stagnating capitalism that gets people bound up in producing more "markets" whilst foregoing any honest critique of the QUALITY of life.

  4. Anything food related has serious potential dangers if it's not regulated.
    Remember your last food poisoning??
    No fun….

  5. Its always good to a story about Canada. It would be nice watch something about BCs marijuana industry wen were growing & smoking/selling it long before Ontario was.✌🏻

  6. They aren't fighting the system, just throwing a hissy fit about how they want it to be legal sooner because they want it, while ignoring all the legitimate reasons it isn't YET.

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