19 thoughts on “The Scientist Medical Marijuana ( Documentary Tv)”

  1. Yea, as soon as they said 'addicted' it was clear they were using bad data and information.

  2. The government wanted in on that 400 billion dollar industry and nothing more that's why Hover done it

  3.       " smoked as an intoxicant in the east but not in other parts of the world"  BULLSHIT it was used all over the world just mainly and openly in the east. and its actually an antitoxin!!!!!!! not a toxin how the fuck does a toxin cure cancer tubers ect.

  4. at 11:19 " but theirs another reason for its wide spread use in 1920 it is the only ILLEGAL drug in town, even here where everything the flesh desires can be had prohibition keeps the flow of liquor out of sight the choice of a new intoxicant becomes the perfectly LEGAL weed"   WTF??????? is it ILLEGAL or LEGAL. well cant be both at the same time!!! history channel really fucked up here. i cant believe they published this doco with such obvious mistakes.  and are u sure H ansilger and his best paper/newspaper friend W.R hurst didnt use bullshit propaganda to benifit their whole objective that most of us are aware of??????  "rape murder and mayhem and everything else bad" all from cannabis hmmmm i dont think so. if it was which i doubt then it was only through the NON REGULATION of the "drug" and criminals saw a open market to run & consolidate !!

  5. Did you know in Australia if a person is caught with Marijuana although being illegal the patrolling police officer would just give a warning or fine than arrest the person who may have big packet of marijuana that can be kilo or more.

    Why is this so?

    There's allot of racism towards people of dark skin colour also towards foreign born citizens in the country that have no rights, no protection from the Australian government even in court only allowing the British White Australians born in Australia also communities they respect to only like 'Pacific Islanders including Fiji Indians, Aborigines, half castes mixed with these communities, Phillipino's and anyone with light skin communities to even for those are connected to a gangs the local police would support and protect like a mafia especially if they follow the bible as their religion like whoever follows the Jehovah church community finally to mention christians, Catholics and Protestants' commit any crime they want to another person like harassment, physical abuse, domestic and personal violence crimes, carrying drugs even busted by the police they just get a warning or a fine but never to get locked up awaiting for court sentence like in other western countries they do.

    They could even get away for attempted murder or murder even and still get away.

    Is this right?

    Why can't they all be penalized regardless of the crime whether they are light skin like whites, religious belief be, race, country they are born, community the Australian whites respect only to.

    Could other countries be the same respecting whom they want to give protection, rights to?

    You decide? 

  6. When the Romans invaded Britain 2000 years ago the main crop here was Hemp …..and the Pilgrim Fathers  planted it in America !

  7. This is bullshit fuck them fuck their relatives fuck their car fuck their house and fuck the air they are wasting on themselves.

  8. That defending hanslinger, fuck him.  Don't try and minimize his crimes, he was a fat crooked pig. He wanted that plant outlawed and lied through propaganda in an attempt to keep all this bribery coming into his pocket from big corporates like Mellon, and and "legal" drug manufacturers. Fucking Scum Him and hearst along with so many others.

  9. Marijuana as dangerous as a machine gun???? Oh pleeeeeeze Hanslinger…….why did you do this???

  10. we made it illegal because we thought it made people dangerous. now we know it makes people passive. WHY HAVE WE NOT REVERSED THIS LAW ON A PLANT

  11. I hope every time people smoke weed, Henry's black heart aches at knowing we are so close to legalizing it.

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