13 thoughts on “The single seed centre (worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com) Legit”

  1. I got some mates in Australia They want to start a small Indoor grow for personal use and they have been asking their friends and friend of friends if they know where they can get seeds from they have had no luck, they where going to buy from http://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com but they don't want to have cops knocking at their door etc. How will we know that cops won't come to their house once they have purchased the seeds ? is there a way they could buy the seeds without getting it delivered to their house any tips or hints would be much appreciated

  2. thanks bro i appreciate this feedback…. im going to order some soon…. more power to you

  3. I'm not happy with my order. I've been growing for years so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing but anyway,1/2 of my seeds were no good.They would NOT germinate.Pretty disappointing after spending $15-20 per seed.I may try another seed bank from now on.

  4. that's great mine came in six days love the site I only ordered five seeds and they gave me two free but I did get all autos

  5. people like yourself amaze me. Theres not many places you can get a product like this in the US and your advertising to the wbole world like your cool or something when in reality your a moron and going to ruin it for everyone else which is why you posted in the first place yes its legit, will it ve if every dumb stoner makes a video like this…of course not. So try growing some brains instead of weed.

  6. Assholes like this Ruin it because they want to brag and snitch on themselves!

  7. What a dumb fuck! Ppl like you always fuck up a good thing. I ordered from them a million times but never made a fucking video. Attention whore

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