The Top 5 Healthiest Ways To Smoke Marijuana / Weed

The Top 5  Healthiest Ways To Smoke Marijuana / Weed
The Top 5 Healthiest Ways To Smoke Marijuana / Weed (text version below)

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This Video is just a quick run down of what WE think are the Top 5 Healthiest Ways To Smoke Weed, starting from least healthy to the healthiest, here goes –

5. Joints
Although they’re probably the most popular way to smoke, Joints are rolled using paper and more often than not — tobacco as well. This is why we are ranking Joints as the least healthy way to smoke your weed.
(out of the top 5, I can think of way more harmful ways — but we won’t go there!)

5. Blunts
Blunts are traditionally rolled with no tobacco but using the outer casing of a cigar, which is normally its self made out of leaves from the tobacco plant. This is potentially making it just as harmful to your body as hand rolled cigarettes.

3. Pipes
Pipes are a good way to smoke your weed with minimal hassle, they score number 3 in the top 5 due to the fact that there is no burning paper at all and no tobacco (we hope!).

2. Water Bongs
Water bongs filter out the ash and some of the harmful carcinogenics by pulling the smoke through water before it reaches your mouth. Once again there is no burning paper and a very low percentage of people would put tobacco near their bong so you shouldn’t have to worry about that!

1. Vapourisers / Vaporizers
Vapourisers are the healthiest way to smoke because there is no combustion or even smoke at all! I suppose that might almost make it not qualify for this list, after all it’s called “5 Healthiest Ways To Smoke Weed”! Although I can almost guarantee that if you speak to someone who has smoked a decent vapouriser, they will tell you that you still get the satisfied “I just had a smoke” feeling and still get just as high (some people say even more as you get all the THC) — all technically without even smoking!

We are open to change so feel free to tell us if you think this list could be improved in any way!

Thank-You For Watching & Happy Smoking!

The Top 5 Healthiest Ways To Smoke Marijuana / Weed