The Ultimate Guide to Making Cannabis Oil

The Ultimate Guide to Making Cannabis Oil
How to make Cannabis Oil: This comprehensive tutorial video will take you through the steps necessary to produce medicinal Cannabis Oil safely and effectively.

You can read more information and download the full equipment list from

Hosted by Jeff Ditchfield, author of The Medical Cannabis Guidebook.

Please share this video to help teach others how to make Cannabis Oil. It could help save somebody’s life.

Produced by Jack Curtis and Greg Lonsdale.

Disclaimer: this guide is for educational purposes only. We cannot be held responsible for any harm or loss incurred by viewers attempting to replicate what they see in the video.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Cannabis Oil

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Making Cannabis Oil”

  1. Thank you for probably the best video out there and because of that book on order. Just one question though. How hot do these still's run at? I am guessing below the heat temp which starts to damage/reduce the goodness?

  2. This is by far the most complete and well done video that I have been able to find. Thank You. all the best, Al Forsberg

  3. Hi Jeff & Mel
    I just finished reading your Medical cannabis guidebook; Great read and very informative, a must for anyone who has a medical issue or the recreational user.
    Keep up the good fight, morality and virtue will win out over greed and ignorance.
    Great Karma

  4. You need THC and ideally from Indica strains. See Rick Simpson himself explain this and how to make the Oil now known as Rick Simpson Oil in videos on YouTube. Also read his book "Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story" which explains his experiences with medicinal hemp and critically has explicit instructions regarding how to make your own RSO – many organisations and people claim to be making RSO but there's too much risk of being ripped off both financially and in terms of being likely sent CBD oil without the THC which is critical for RSO and for the healing effects to occur.

  5. Hi Jeff, great info/video. Q. You are obviously in Spain, as am i. I noted you sent samples to Valencia for analysis. As Cannabis THC is illegal in Spain , how do you avoid problems. I suppose my question is, unless the analysis is done in a professional lab how can one ascertain the quality/content of the oil. And what are the legal repercussions. More and more people are turning to this form of self treatment and i would hate anyone to depend on a product that hadn't ' passed the test ' with so much at stake. Great work Jeff . Thanks

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  7. in your extraction process, what was the THC and CBD content in terms of PPM?
    Also, will the solvent extraction of oil at temperature less than, say, 150 " C (or for that matter 110 " C) preserve the the whole quantum of terpenes and CBD / THC in the oil?
    And, will the extraction using nHexane as solvent repel the THC / CBD compounds to eventually result in oil devoid of THC / CBD?

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