Typical!: Kansas Lawmaker Says That Black People Can’t Handle Weed Due To “Character” & “Genetics”

Typical!: Kansas Lawmaker Says That Black People Can’t Handle Weed Due To “Character” & “Genetics”
Kansas lawmaker makes racist comments about African-Americans, marijuana:

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13 thoughts on “Typical!: Kansas Lawmaker Says That Black People Can’t Handle Weed Due To “Character” & “Genetics””

  1. Silly Rabbit flapping them jowls while Fentanyl, Heroin, and Opioids are decimating caucazoids…now go handle that

  2. Let’s see. They have an ongoing epidemic with meth, heroin, and prescription drugs. Their OD rates are through the roof. So black people can’t control themselves with drugs? Sure.

  3. Oh Lord !!!! Hide the white women and your T.V. s !!!!!!!! Those evil sticks will make n——rs uppity!

  4. He should ask the Chinese about the genetics of the American Fentanyl overdose crisis:
    "Unrestricted Warfare (超限战, literally "warfare beyond bounds") is a book on military strategy written in 1999 by two colonels in the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗). Its primary concern is how a nation such as China can defeat a technologically superior opponent (such as the United States) through a variety of means. Rather than focusing on direct military confrontation, this book instead examines a variety of other means."
    From Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unrestricted_Warfare

  5. I find it funny that he brought up the 1930s, but heroin used to be an ingredient in cough syrup and cocaine was likely still in Coke…SMH, he needs to worry more about his stuttering and weight. I'm a non-smoker/non-drinker, but do you, boo-boo! Also, I recently read that you can't hold a gun license if you also hold a medical marijuana card…S/O to the people who record and show us that "beautiful bean footage"!

  6. He talking about blacks but he ain't said shit about those GOT DAMN MEXICANS BRINGING IT OVER HERE……..

  7. He's just another twisted, demented White Supremacist demon seed looking to cast blame on people of color for any and everything just to save face for Caucasians. Notice how there going after doctors and others linked to the "Opioid Epidemic."

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