Undocumented Immigrants Using ‘Legal Pot’ In California Might Get Deported

Undocumented Immigrants Using ‘Legal Pot’ In California Might Get Deported
The debate continues on illegal immigration and legal marijuana in California.
Undocumented Immigrants Using 'Legal Pot' In California Might Get Deported


13 thoughts on “Undocumented Immigrants Using ‘Legal Pot’ In California Might Get Deported”

  1. What's amazing to me is these illegals talk about splitting families up, most of the Men from Mexico leave their families to come here and work. So, how is this law splitting families. Also, if they are deported take your family with you.

  2. Hey have you been listening to Dennis Michael Lynch lately? Listen up brother. Our president Donald Trump is about to give amnesty to the whole illegal alien group of DACA! We need to get on the phones immediately and contact the president to make him stop this immediately listen to Dennis Michael Lynch and spread the word!

  3. Mexicans have been in control of MJ sales for decades. It is to be expected that they be the first to profit from MJ sales and distribution. This is the drug that has kept millions Illegals well employed for over a century.

  4. They want to find any reason to deport non white immigrants. Most of the people he is deporting are hard working people. Teachers, students , people with families. People that pay taxes and make our economy strong.. Lets be real. Most immigrants were here legally before Trump came to office. He is deporting them because they are Latin.

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