VaderVision – Popping Old Marijuana Seeds with GA3

VaderVision - Popping Old Marijuana Seeds with GA3
Have some ancient or maybe just troublesome cannabis seeds on your hands? Have no fear GA3 is here!

GA3 for order example:

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VaderVision – Popping Old Marijuana Seeds with GA3

12 thoughts on “VaderVision – Popping Old Marijuana Seeds with GA3”

  1. Gibberellic acid is a great hormone for several things, such as cell elongation, cell division, seedless fruit production and as you suggest seed germination. Thanks for the tip for obtaining the product for this procedure.

  2. I am still working out some 'old school' seeds (20-25 years). None have popped for a long time now & I have hope for them again. Thanks Man!

  3. A comparison between Aspirin and GA3 please?? We don't have this GA3 in town for some reason so I'd have to order it in. I gots some Aspirin though! They say it's been known to help promote growth in boosting the plants immune system.

  4. I have a 30 year old bean open but there was a clear membrane stopping the tail from coming all the way out which I punctured. Have you seen this with your experiments with old seeds? I have just a very few of them left and still hoping for a positive outcome.

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