Vaporizer Review – 2015 Holiday Guide – Compiled by the Editors at CannabisConsumersGroup.US

Vaporizer Review – 2015 Holiday Guide – Compiled by the Editors at CannabisConsumersGroup.US

Vaporizer Review - 2015 Holiday Guide - Compiled by the Editors at CannabisConsumersGroup.US

Why rely on publications produced by your Cannabis Consumers Group Organization?

Cannabis Consumers Group DOES NOT accept backdoor money, financial support, or gratuities of any kind from manufacturers, distributors, or advertisement firms of any product evaluated in any of our publications.

What this means for our readers is that; our product reviews are consumer oriented, user friendly, and always focused on the best quality and reliability for the money spent!

How reassuring to know you have a consumer oriented and truly consumer oriented review source, that you can rely upon and trust for your important buying decisions!

“Vaporizer Review – 2016 Winter Edition” is the only comprehensive buyer’s guide that covers everything you want to know about vaporizers including; best features, value, performance, pro’s and con’s, plus in-depth reviews of the top 30 vaporizers most commonly purchased here in the U.S.

The Editors at Cannabis Consumers Group have made everything even more user friendly by graphically displaying key performance ratings using our (5) Star Review Matrix.

Cannabis Consumers Group developed Our (5) Star Review Matrix to provide readers with a fast track graphically expressed rating in five or six key areas of performance, depending on the vaporizer category.

All of the vaporizers discussed and evaluated in this book are rated according to six key areas of performance with the exception of Desktop models because these units do not use batteries for operation. All Pen, Micro Portable, Portable, and Desktop Portable units use batteries for operation so include a sixth rating for battery design and battery life as part of their performance rating.

If you are shopping for, or planning to buy the best vaporizer available for your money spent in the near future, or if your are looking for the ideal gift, or simply want to be in the know regarding what is the very best buy for your money spent, you will find this book an indispensable, and a must-have resource.

If you are new to vaporizing and are not certain what category of vaporizer you want, or are not certain of what kind of material you most want to vape with, or what type of vaporizer can best serve your needs, then this book has all of the information to help you make the very best decision.

The convenience provided by our (5) Star Review Matrix will be familiar to most readers and easy to use as well.

Our “(5) Star Review Matrix Key” clearly shows you what the rated values mean and how they are weighted in our review process.

All vaporizers reviewed in our buyers guide are held to the same evaluation standards to provide readers with key information necessary for making critical decisions about their next vaporizer purchase.

You can feel at ease knowing that Cannabis Consumers Group accepts NO Advertising or Financial Support of any kind from manufacturers or industry members on any level, so you can feel assured that our reviews are unbiased and consumer oriented in every way possible.

Whether you are in the market for your next vaporizer, or are just perusing the models and options available in the current marketplace, this book is a must-have resource!

This is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a great buyers guide, plus support your very worthwhile Cannabis Consumers Group by getting your personal copy of this valuable must-have information resource!

Join the movement, support legalization, enjoy the savings, value, and product quality you will experience by using this most valuable buying resource!