Wake & Bake America 559 Big Business Getting Into Cannabis & Pennsylvania DUI Laws

Wake & Bake America 559 Big Business Getting Into Cannabis & Pennsylvania DUI Laws
The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out & Talking About The Direction Of The Cannabis Industry & Big Businesses Attempts To Buys Its Way Into The Industry. Also Checking Out Pennsylvania Updating Its DUI Laws For Medical Marijuana On Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America

Wake & Bake America 559 Big Business Getting Into Cannabis & Pennsylvania DUI Laws

19 thoughts on “Wake & Bake America 559 Big Business Getting Into Cannabis & Pennsylvania DUI Laws”

  1. Always a pleasure to listen. Much love for the cannabis community and you guys for all the info. Peace.

  2. CBD FTW! My entire house uses it daily. IRIE is the brand I use for me and my dogs. Inflammation, seizures, depression, and allergies treated on a daily basis. Skorz Caw! You guys rock, Cheers!

  3. I take CBD tincture made here locally every single morning before work. I drive a trash truck so I can’t be impaired in any way and the cbd helps with chronic pain caused by herniated discs in my spine. On days when I don’t work, heavy edibles and bong hits abound! Cheers DGC!

  4. Hey fellas good morning :), it was nice to meet you @ the expo a few weeks back fellas.. I’d like an invite to the DGCcup also. Can you drop a link on the comments 🙂

  5. Thank you guys for making my mornings better almost every day of the week. I am usually waiting for the new episodes to pOst every am at about 620 here on the east coast, I'm hooked! Huge shout out to Dude, Scotty, Guru, and Bruce Banner as well! Thank you guys for all the time and effort you put in. Cheers to dude grows show and those involved in making it happen every week day! You are appreciated!

  6. No till is definitely doing something different with the terps the smell from no till Canabis is so pungent an more accurate to the strain an the effects are way more full spectrum it’s hard to explain but I know it’s so much better medicine

  7. https://hempbombs.com the hemp bomb cbd only capsules help me sleep when the insomnia is kicking… my red state local smoke shop has the 5 packs for $8! I can deal with that over the other pills they want be to pay for!!

    leave it to PA.. ? I'm a stone's throw away from PA and my buddies always said the motto of their county was "come on vacation leave on probation!" due to the high DUI rates.. now it's going to be even worse!

  8. No one likes cops… Wanna see a party come to a crashing hault invite the cop in the neighborhood to your next gathering. If they really want help people or serve and protect they should volunteer their time to local charities instead or man up and join the military.

  9. Yal need to have OldFartGrows on to dispell the bullshit about emulsifyers and microencapsilation and nanocapsilation is all bsullshit and reduces bioavalibility. Get him on he can give you real info on the newest BS claims in the market hes the master on that.

  10. Also I would like to nominate the segment at 13:00ish minutes in for "best of" Terpin Ain't Easy! I'm am waiting for the hoodie.
    BTW instead of making Guru gather your goat poo, just get chickens because they will scratch it around and spread it for you! #nospill

  11. Blue mountain Jamaican Coffee , Afghan Kush flower & Jamaican hash/chara smoked together r a match in heaven.

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