Wake & Bake America 593 Hipster Abe Lincoln & Colorado Smuggling Bust

Wake & Bake America 593 Hipster Abe Lincoln & Colorado Smuggling Bust
The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out This Morning After A Day Snowboarding In The Mountains And Getting High And Checking Out What A Hipster Abe Lincoln Would Look Like & Also Checking Out The Marijuana Smuggling Bust That Happened Recently In The News On Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America

Wake & Bake America 593 Hipster Abe Lincoln & Colorado Smuggling Bust

17 thoughts on “Wake & Bake America 593 Hipster Abe Lincoln & Colorado Smuggling Bust”

  1. Man that is sooo weird.. I worked at an auto custom shop in Austin yrs ago and the window tinter and alarm installer looked just like these "Chinamen" in those MUG shots.. a few of us around the shop had a hard time getting good smoke but he ALWAYS had the dank.. he barley talked any english. We wer dumbfounded… he did NOT strike you as the "toker" type..

    Wonder whats up with that?

  2. always a cool wake n bake, but im not baking, got constructors working in a bathroom leak, they gotta be quick cause my flush is coming up next week
    thank god for carbon filters
    cheers guys

  3. Any type of smoke isn't good for you, but you don't smoke enough cannabis to compare to a tobacco smoking habit. Plus there's cancer fighting compounds in cannabis to outweigh the couple hits of smoke you may get. Vaping is far less harmful for you overall though. Vaping eliquid is 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco products. I'm sure vaping concentrated cannabis is similar, because combustion itself is what's most harmful about smoking regardless of what you're smoking. Carbon particles enter your bloodstream and do things like prevent microtears in your heart and blood vessels from healing properly.

  4. The dude is Orange looking.. Scotty is looking Chinese. Love to wake and bake watching them taking a shit..

  5. Black mirror is one of the best shows I have found on Netflix. I call it the twisted side of technology show. I'm with dude when he says check it out.

  6. hotboxin' the rat cube. It's like blowing the rat a shotgun and calling it second hand smoke.

  7. sorry for being ignorant on this but i want to ask 'will autos reveg if you let them continue to grow? seems like they would imo. probably have to do it the same way you'd clean up any plant of extra limbs etc…

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