19 thoughts on “WEED ADDICTION? + WHY I SMOKE”

  1. OCD here, and yes, weed is the shit to keep the sympthoms controlled, specially the next day after smoking.

  2. i have such a friend crush on u omg but fr you keep it so real i couldnt agree more with everything in this video. so many people deny that there can be downfalls to smoking weed because theyre trying to advocate for it but it really is important to recognize if youre doing it in an unhealthy way. if its used in the right way i strongly believe its the best way to go about a bunch of problems especially anxiety. keep it up girl u rock

  3. I'm so happy you made this video because although it is easy for me to quit smoking when I need to, I am pretty dependent on it because I had an eating disorder and weed helps me to enjoy food again. It also helps me to not be so anxious and I am able to sleep again. I wish my family wouldn't have put me on so many different medications to cope with the issues I have because they gave me ridiculous side effects. Cannabis may make people dependent but it's important for people to recognize that addiction and dependence are different.

  4. What dispensaries do you reccomend in Portland? I'm a local patient (and huge fan!) some advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. I find it so frustrating that people question why you smoke weed under the guise of being worried about addiction when most people drink coffee every single day and they're never questioned about their very real caffeine addiction which causes much more serious and painful side affects if you quit cold turkey than weed does.

  6. I had pretty bad physical withdrawal symptoms as well when I quit smoking weed. terrible insomnia, nightsweats/terrors, anxiety, etc.. I always thought marijuana wasn't addictive until I quit for a lil bit haha

  7. I love how true you are in explaining both sides, costs/ benefits! Not a lot of people out here that are real! ❤

  8. for some reason I couldn't export this in 4k!! sorry y'all next vid will be better quality tho 🙂

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